Saturday, 13 October 2012

It’s Trunkey Show Time

After the truly feral, wintery weather yesterday, today dawned fine and sunny, although still a bit cool for the Trunkey Show.  Trunkey Creek is a small, old mining village between Bathurst and Goulburn with a population of about 60, but today that swelled considerably.

Trunkey Show October 2012 100

We first attended the show quite a few years ago when the equine influenza meant that the horse section of the show could not proceed.  An appeal was put out to the Historic Car Club to put on a display.  Until then we had just assumed it was horses and wool and not much else.

Since then it has really grown.  This year it celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Firstly, we just wandered around, listening to the pipe band.

Trunkey Show October 2012 026

Coffee and cake were soon on the agenda.  We just loved the retro coffee van.

Trunkey Show October 2012 073

Their wares weren’t too bad either.

Trunkey Show October 2012 028

No show is complete without the clowns. Nearly every child had a water pistol won from here.

Trunkey Show October 2012 032

There were some old cars on display.  This is a 1908 Brush.  I didn’t know this one was in the district.  There is another one on display in the Visitor Centre in Bathurst.  That one was about the first car to come over the blue mountains. Notice the timber axle.

Trunkey Show October 2012 033

This one drove from Perth to Sydney in 2010 as part of a re-enactment of a trip done one hundred years earlier.   It would be a very long way travelling in this style. Don’t you love the simplicity of the dashboard and the name plate “Mabel”.

Trunkey Show October 2012 037

Engines have come a long way too.  However, this would be so much easier to work on for mechanics. only one cylinder.

Trunkey Show October 2012 040

The theme this year was “Proud to be Australian” and the organising committee were fortunate to have Dick Smith, his wife Pip and granddaughter Charlie fly in by helicopter for Dick to open the show.  He was a delightful character to have present.  Here he is with our local larrikin councillor Bobby Bourke checking out some memorabilia. 

Trunkey Show October 2012 053

There was a big crowd to enjoy the entertainment and official opening of the show.

Trunkey Show Oct 2012 069

The local school children (just a small one teacher school) entertained us all with their rendition of Australian songs.

Trunkey Show October 2012 072

This little chap and dog were taking it all in.

Trunkey Show October 2012 067

KP Connection were the main entertainers, performing their own compositions as well as covers.  Cold Chisel never looked like this, but they could certainly perform their songs well.

Trunkey Show October 2012 078

Horses are still a major part of the show.  This duo were waiting patiently for their turn.

Trunkey Show October 2012 055

The other major part of the show is the fleece judging.  The champion lamb fleece at the right was a popular winner, being the fleece of a young girl’s pet lamb.

Trunkey Show October 2012 086

There was a good display of flowers and photography in the pavilion.

Trunkey Show October 2012 090

In the local community hall was the craft section.

The Bathurst Hand Spinners and Weavers put on a display. Here are some of them, hard at it weaving, spinning and my Mum in there (second from the right)  knitting away.

Trunkey Show October 2012 098

Rita was putting on a good demonstration for all.

Trunkey Show October 2012 065

This display is all the work of one local lady. She sure is talented and here workmanship was beautiful.

Trunkey Show October 2012 061

Unfortunately, while the rest of the show is thriving, the craft section gets smaller each year. When we first attended I was amazed that there were more entries than Bathurst Show. Now there are hardly any.

Trunkey Show October 2012 094

This tea cosy certainly gets in the theme of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

Trunkey Show October 2012 060

There was however, a large number of entries in various sections by school children.  This model of a pise house was in the 9-11 year age group.  The creator had gone to so much detail. 

Trunkey Show October 2012 058

I try to put a few entries in if I can.  I just wish a few more would too.  It’s not about winning, just to help put on a display.  Sadly, I was the only entry in “Patchwork – any other item”.

Trunkey Show October 2012 057

I entered two quilts in “Patchwork Quilt – Commercially Quilted”.  Fortunately, there were a few others in this section.  There was only one quilt on show that wasn’t commercially quilted.  I do hope some more people start to enter some items, just to keep the craft section going.

Trunkey Show October 2012 095

By mid afternoon we had seen all the displays and stalls and chatted to lots of friends who were also out enjoying the day, so we hopped in the car and came home via the scenic route.  It was a nice way to finish off the day.  Of course, there were more photos taken, so I’ll share them on a separate post.

By the way, you can see our last visit to the Trunkey Show here.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Great photos Janice...sad to see a decline in the your projects...

Chookyblue...... said...

always great to support the small country shows...........

Deb R said...

Looks like a great show Janice, sad to see the decline in the entries too...Sofala Show only has a small area for craft entries too!

Bec said...

Some lovely photos there Janice. Love your table runner, and the quilts are beautiful. Great to see one lady put her things in 'display only' - so nice to share what you have made, and like you said it creates more of a display for others to look at.
When at Bathurst we came very close to buying a farm near Trunkey.

Bec said...

Loved seeing the spinning and weaving - Jamie's aunt is part of a wagga group and it's amazing what they are capable of.
Though isn't it a shame to see mostly only older women as spinners and weavers - where are all the young ones to take on this craft???