Thursday, 11 October 2012

More Wildlife and Cake

I had another wild life encounter on our driveway this morning.  We usually see a couple of roos each day and always have to look out for them when on our driveway.  This morning there was a little mob of nine – from small joeys to a couple of big boys.  They all quite happily let me sit and watch them from the car and take a few photos. I thought the big boys looked like they were about to shape up to each other for a bit of fisty cuffs, but one of them just wanted a bit of a scratch.

October 2012 013

Not the clearest photo, but I loved the way he stood right up, leaning back on on his tail to scratch.

Then, when I showed Mick, it was a case of “You showed me yours, I’ll show you mine”.  Mick produced photos of a bearded dragon that he saw during the week near our letter box.  He was able to get a lovely clear close up shot.


Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of my most exciting Wildlife Encounter.  On the way to work last week I saw a koala walking down the road.  I was past it before I really registered what it was.  There is one sign on the road in our district advising of koalas, but that is quite some distance from us, and I’ve never heard of anyone seeing one.  I called a friend at National Parks and he said it would have been  a male out looking for a mate and a few have been sited recently in the district.  It is great to know that there are some around here.

On another note, I hadn’t shared these photos of cake we recently enjoyed at one of the cafes in town.  Don’t they just look the best.

October 2012 004

I can assure you they tasted as good as they looked.

October 2012 005

Yes, the cafe is called “Elie’s”.


Dooars Ecoviillege said...

I love when I have the opportunity to read blogs as interesting as this. Really thanks and congratulations.

Susan said...

Lovely photos. I never tire of seeing kangaroos, they are just so unusual. Excellent news about the koala, how lucky to see one in the wild.

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

You guys always have the most interesting wildlife photos :)
Not sure of the last two???