Monday, 8 October 2012

Sidecar Rally at the Bridle Track 2012

A couple of weeks ago we ventured all the way to the Bridle Track for the Sidecar Rally.  This was definitely a case of an hour and a half from home and a million miles from care and was just what we needed.

The Bridle Track was one of the routes to the Hill End Gold Fields and was only accessible by riding your horse or walking.  In more recent times it has been a very popular 4WD road and has many camping sites beside the Macquarie River.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 015

Unfortunately, a huge rock fell across the steepest, narrowest part of the track a few years ago and it is too dangerous to try to remove it, as the whole side of the mountain may give way and fall into the river, so you cannot get all the way through to Hill End any more (except on a motorcycle – without sidecar).

It is a really scenic trip.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 004

The road is still very narrow.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 018

Quite a lot of the track follows the Macquarie River, which is looking lovely.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 021

It gets interesting if you meet an oncoming vehicle.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 025

Once we arrived at the rally site, we set up camp with waterfront views and enjoyed our picnic lunch.  We really do rough it on these trips. Sidecars are wonderful for taking plenty of camping gear. This year it was “Olga” the old girl’s turn to go along.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 027

One fellow from Melbourne arrived with a flat tyre.  He had hit a rock, which had split his wheel rim.  There was much consideration as to how to fix it – with the appropriate audience.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 037

The technical tool kit was produced from various sources.  There was discussion as to what the official BMW part numbers would be for these.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 035

The tyre was fixed by ingenuity, and hopefully he was able to ride far enough to have things fixed properly.

The afternoon was spent chatting to other rally goers.  It is good to catch up with people you haven’t seen for a while and to meet new fellow enthusiasts.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 045

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 029

Everyone’s sidecar set up is different and they love comparing and discussing all the different bikes.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 046

The evening saw us all sitting around camp fires having a good old yarn.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 052

In the morning this is what we woke up to.  You can’t get a much nicer outlook than that – despite the frost on the ground.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 073

Like I said, we don’t rough it.

2012 Sidecar Rally 005

We packed ourselves up and headed back home mid morning.  The river was still looking lovely.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 074

I was intrigued by this little old caravan in a paddock.  Very cute, as is the old slab hut.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 078

Finally, Mick came to a grinding holt  as we drove down our driveway.  This is why.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 082

On closer inspection – by zooming in with the camera – it was a tiger snake.  It slithered this far across the road and then stopped to sun itself!  What to do now? Finally, Mick threw something at it and it headed on its merry way.

Sidecar Rally 23 Sep 12 083

Yuck!  I just hate snakes.  Coincidently, last year on our way home from the Sidecar Rally we saw our first snake of the year a little further along our driveway.

You can see last year’s Sidecar Rally here and the 2010 Rally here.


Susan said...

Great photos, we are thinking about camping down that way ourselves over summer. Hopefully there won't be any snakes, I don't like them either.

Deb R said...

Looks like you had a great time!!

Sandi said...

What a lovely road trip, it looked really relaxing (except for the snake).

Fairy Floss Stitches said...

Love the bikes and sidecars..scenery and wildlife (except the snake!)... looks so relaxing! X Lea

Jewells said...

My idea of "roughing it" is a Motel room! LOL!