Saturday, 16 October 2010

What Happened to Spring?

Earlier in the week it was nice to see the second wave of spring blossoms start to appear with the apple trees.

October 2010 004

I do love apple blossom.  The pink is just so soft.

October 2010 005

Then, on Wednesday the weather changed…….it started to get a bit cloudy again.  On my way to work there was a break in the cloud and the view was just stunning looking down over our local water supply, which is nice and full.

October 2010 006

Mick and a mate headed off to Phillip Island for the Moto GP on Wednesday, and encountered torrential rain all the way down.  They are camping and  it hasn’t exactly been ideal weather.  It has been really windy and rained all day on Friday, so no racing, although it is a bit better today.

It turned rather feral here yesterday, wet and windy, although it wasn’t too cold…………until another change came through last night……and today we have had this………

October 2010 013

Yes, that is snow – real snow with flakes – right in Bathurst, which is only 600m above sea level!!  There was next to no snow in the area all winter and there hasn’t been snow in town for years.  There were flurries right up until lunch time, which is unprecedented.

Why is the church in the background?  Because today was the Spring Fair!!!  Fortunately, most of it was held in the church hall, as the temperature only got up to about 5 degrees C.

This is my favourite church fete that I have mentioned here, here and here.  Normally I’m just a customer.  However, this time, at Mum’s request, I was also a helper, as many of the usual workers were either ill or away.  I haven’t helped for many years, but from when I was about 10 I used to help on the craft or book stalls.  This time I was on the White Elephant stall, which was lots of fun.

Of course, I made some purchases. What amazed me, was that even though I was at the stall all morning, I still found interesting things that I had missed, right up till the end. I’ll share photos tomorrow.

The weather has started to clear now, but it is still bitterly cold, so the fire has been relit.  Hopefully tomorrow is a bit better as it is Mum’s birthday and they are coming out here for afternoon tea.  I’d best go and do some cooking.


BubzRugz said...

Crazy weather - jumpers and scarves out again here in Qld too - but no snow! Hope it warms up again soon ....

Cardygirl said...

Brrrr! We had sleet here yesterday which is most unusual. Love your blossoms!

Kate said...

The snow was certainly a turn up for the books!

Chookyblue...... said...

it got lost...........horrible day here too so i can only imagine how cold it was there.......should be nicer for us in the next few days.......