Sunday, 17 October 2010

Flea Market (Church Fete) Finds

I found some great bits and bobs at the Church Fete yesterday.

I have coveted a set of those green canisters for many years, but they are nigh on impossible to find, and if you do, cost a bomb, so I was absolutely thrilled to find one.  They look so very deco.

The rabbit jelly mould is another wonderful treasure to find. The little plate matches another I have at home and thought was pretty. The bread board is identical to one that Mum and Dad have.  This one is very worn, but I have another old silver one which is missing its board.  I’ll see if this one fits. The long covered dish is really old Meakin and I’m guessing that the xylonite brush that was hiding inside is a clothes brush??? And finally, I think the little dish is for eggs, as the cavities have a curved base, so wouldn’t be for a cruet set.  Anyway, as no one wanted to buy it by the end of the day I brought it home, rather than it get chucked out.

October 2010 018

I’ve been wanting a little table ironing board for a while and when I went for a wander late in the morning I found this one in perfect condition on the “Bargains for Blokes” stall.  I can’t imagine it would be on the shopping list for too many “blokes”, but it was a bargain for me. 

October 2010 020

There were several little bags of gold buttons with shanks, so I replenished my jar after making my bangle.  Now I’ll be able to make another.

I have plans to repurpose the purple beads on the tea light holder soon.  We’ll see how I go.

I only noticed the bell knitting needle gauge on the white elephant stall at the very end of the day.  How could I have missed that?

There was a jewellery stall and I found several cute brooches to add to my brooch cushion, including a quilt block one and a crafting one.

October 2010 026

And finally, I’ve seen mug trees used to hang scissors etc, so I thought this cutlery hanger would do the same thing.  If I don’t like it, I’ll just donate it back next time.  the flour bags were being thrown out at the end of the day, so I grabbed them.  The stationery and old frame will just be handy to have.

October 2010 024

Now for the usual problem of finding a home for everything.

Pop over here to see what other wonderful Flea Market Finds there are this week.


CurlyPops said...

Wow so many amazing finds! I think my favourite is the bell knitting needle gauge.
I've picked up a couple of similar cutlery holders on op shopping missions. They're handy to hang things from on my market stall.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Look at all those wonderful finds Janice, you have had a good day...

JeTaimeVintage said...

Very dissapointed I cant see all your treasures, every time I refresh the page I loose one more-scared to do it again! I think that the little thimble pin is so cute though, and cant wait see the canisters when my internet behaves! Well done!

Kt said...

What great finds! The church fete was a real hot spot for goodies.

zigsma said...

The green canister is simply stunning! What a find.

Sandi Butler said...

Fabulous finds, Janice, you always find a bargain! Love the green canister too.
I have the same bell knitting gauge as you - I found mine at a local op-shop.

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

amazing deco canister indeed. i can imagine the squeal when it was found...

spectacularfairywren said...

you could hang that on the tree this year!
Love the green 'rice' as well.

teresa said...

Wow... I want to go shopping with you next time. You have found some beauties and I love it all!!! My fave is the green rice container!

Anonymous said...

You found some GREAT bargins Janice.... Love what you found.