Sunday, 5 April 2009

More White Elephant Booty

I have finally take photos of the remainder of our booty from the White Elephant Stall at the Church Fete a couple of weeks ago. There are lots of photos, so I hope you don't get too bored, or envious:>) (Or alternatively you'll think "what a load of rubbish".)

Mick is our chief kitchenalia collector. He is always on the lookout for interesting bits and pieces. He found heaps this time. The plastic doohicky in the middle is a "Food Glamorizer". It even comes with an instruction sheet showing how to make all different types of garnishes and whathaveyou. The old Vacola thermometer has seen plenty of use but still works. There are 23 of the little patty pans and the photo doesn't show it very well, bu the cake tin has a decorative pattern all over the sides - it might show up better if you enlarge the photo.

These little mugs a Cornishware - yes, the real stuff - were a bargain. The paperweight doesn't show up well, it is clear with a blue swirl. I initially bought it to give to our mate Norm, as he collects them, but it look rather good with my collection of blue in my bedroom window, so he might just miss out!

Mick collects coffee pots and was delighted with this elegant find. I love the little stove, and thought I had quite a find......until Mick pointed out the word "Taiwan" on the back.....Oh, well, it still looks the part. It doesn't show up very well in the photo, but the little basket is full of flower decorating spiky things (I'm sure they have a correct name, but I've never known it). Some are in the shapes of the suits of cards - how novel.

" Elimentary, dear Watson." For $1, it will look good on the hat stand.

A Glomesh key holder, never used, still in the box (who knows what I'll do with it, but I couldn't leave it there).

I found another vintage table cloth - this one would be from the 50s or 60s with the aboriginal design - and some woollen skirts. These are just for the fabric - for the "one day" wool applique.

I couldn’t resist these vintage prints. They seem to be posters - maybe for a classroom? They are all numbered and have had thumb tacks in the corners. Imagine going to the flash dressmakers for a fancy dress outfit.

I love these Christmas ones – especially the vintage Mickey Mouse one.

I always love apples and cottage gardens and these two a just charming.

But… I think my favourite is the Mabel Lucy Atwell one of hanging up the washing.

There were more, but I think I went overboard enough as it was. What to do with them?? I wonder if we could somehow work out a frame and rotate them according to the seasons??

And then there was this jar that was handed to me – because I had told them I like sewing stuff. What a delight when we opened it.

Firstly, there was an old tape measure disguised as a basket of fruit. The colours are so vibrant. It is like new, but definitely isn't.

Then, there is a tiny white house. It is made from ivory.

Part of the fence has come adrift, but is inside it….. yes, it opens via a hinged roof….. and it has a round hole… hold your thimble!!! How exquisite!

Then….. there were 20 – yes – 20 thimbles. They range from 2 charms to children’s silver and brass to steel, to bakelite and silver, although none are hallmarked or Dorcas.

This one has lovely tooling and the reverse has a blank space for monogramming.

My problem (oh, such a problem) is that my thimble collection is housed in a little brass and glass display cabinet, and it is full!!! I suppose I could relocate the cheap decorative china ones which don’t really interest me and add these.

We are so spoilt.
Now I have to find somewhere to put all this, that will be the hard bit, we are starting to overflow!!


Kitschen Pink said...

GASP! No, on second thoughts I couldn't come to your town. I would be hyperventilating and need medical assitance in the face of such wonders! This is booty like I dream about! Lovely that you shared it with us! t.x

Maree said...

Love your Thimble Collection...looks Great..Happy Anniversary & Happy Planting with your New Bulbs...Hope you have better luck with them than

Sandi said...

Wow! great finds! I love the little tape measure, it is so cute! The jar of thimbles must of been exciting to look through when you opened it.

Agnieszka said...

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