Saturday, 9 October 2010

Trunkey Creek Show

While Bathurst was enjoying the roar of V8s going around the Mount we attended a very different event.

We first attended the Trunkey Show a couple of years ago when the Historic Car Club received an urgent invitation to attend due to the outbreak of horse flu, meaning that the horse section of the show had to be cancelled that year.  Trunkey Creek is a small village 60kms south of Bathurst.  Of course we all turned up and were delighted and surprised at what a great little country show it is.  It is not just horses and sheep, there is something for everyone, as they say.

I had received a copy of the show schedule and subsequently entered a few photos and Mum and I entered the craft section.  We were amazed at the time that the craft section was really strong in both quantity and quality. We were even lucky enough to win a couple of sections.

We weren’t able to attend last year, but this year we got out there again.  There was a pink theme with the show aiming to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation.  They did exceptionally well and raised several thousand dollars, a great achievement for a very small village.

The Historic Car Club was invited again and there was a good display of old cars from the Club.

October 2010 024

We had planned to take “Olga” and to dress her in pink, but her gearbox continues to cause grief so we took “Doug” the 1926 Douglas (on the trailer behind the car).  Doug always creates a lot of interest and is a great talking point.  Mick got into the spirit of things in his pink shirt.

October 2010 026

The “Carpark Cafe” did a roaring trade and took to the theme with gusto. The showground was a sea of pink as most people, both male and female, were wearing something pink, some a little brighter than others.

October 2010 011

Notice the size of the coffee cups - “C” and “DD”.  It put a smile on everyone’s faces.

October 2010 003

We were entertained during the day by “Collector”, a great local folk band.

October 2010 005

There was also a pipe band.  This little boy was enthralled. Notice the bunting of bras along all the stalls in the background.  The whole grounds were festooned in bras.

October 2010 010

Of course, any country show must have the sheepdog trials.  This dog was just amazing to watch.

October 2010 027

Our larrikin local Councillor, Bobby Burke, attended wearing his suit made of men’s ties.  Earlier this year they collected thousands of old ties to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  This suit was made by a local lady from some of them.

October 2010 023

He also got into the spirit of today’s theme.

October 2010 022

I decided to put a couple of things in the craft section again.  I hadn’t made anything big or detailed this year, so just thought my bits would at least give the judges something to look at.

October 2010 017

Unfortunately, there was nowhere near the number of entries this year, so each item won a prize.

October 2010 019 

I was thrilled, of course, but just wish there were more ladies entering.

October 2010 015

I’ll just have to nag some of my friends to put something in next year.

We’re really pleased that we went out for the day. It is so good to see a small show thriving.  They have a really strong committee and  promote it well.  Now we’re looking forward to hearing what the theme is for next year and I’ll also have to start making some more craft items to enter.


BubzRugz said...

Well done.... I'm sure you would have won something even if there had been lots and lots of entries - your work is lovely. These country shows are such fun.... looks like a great day and I love the pink theme and the money raised

loulee said...

Looks like a fun day out. Good to see everyone getting into the theme. LOL
We're watching some of the weekends highlights right now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Janice. Lovely projects.

kitty said...

Doug is just fantastic!
Thanks for your comment. It's lovely to discover new blogs.
My husband restores old bikes aswell as building customs & I too love old bikes & cars. I'm also known to crochet while at car race meets.
I like how Mick's bikes have names, my '73 suzuki is called Bigblock & my two old jags are Ingrid & Petula.
Keep up the adventures & crafting!