Sunday, 28 March 2010

Treasures That Followed Me Home

Finally I’m going to show you my treasures from our trip, which means I can play along with Flea Market Finds this week.  Yay!

We found a gorgeous little patchwork shop in Narembeen, in the middle of nowhere, but unfortunately it is closing down.  I helped reduce the stock with this little parcel of Moda “Posh” fat eighths – you can always find a corner to poke them into.


I visited the quilt shop in Albany a couple of times and restricted myself to these.  The one on the left will be a cover for my journal that I kept and I have a very vague plan for a black and white quilt and these could be the start of the stash.

2010_0327March20100008 We only found op shop treasure at Hyden where I was very happy to find these little beauties at only $1 each.  You can always find room somewhere in the pannier.  They are books I have looked at often, but never actually got around to buying.


And that’s it.  Very restrained wasn’t I!

Now, to last weekend.  It just happened to be the church fete, and we didn’t really need to be at Lake Cargelligo until late afternoon, so we could just go past the fete and get something from the cake stall to have with our thermos for morning tea on the way, couldn’t we?

And, while we were there we could just have a look at the other stalls, couldn’t we?

Of course!  So these went for the drive to Lake Cargelligo and back.

This box isn’t old, but how handy for keeping “stuff” together on the sewing table.


I was delighted to find these.  I already have a few of the egg cups in different colours – red, brown, turquoise, aqua, brown, and I’ve seen that they also come in a dark blue, yet to find that one. So I was happy to extend that little collection. (I don’t collect egg cups, just happen to have quite a few a lot of them.) I also already had some of the cute dotty glasses.


Now I have a nice set.


This little hair clip is so cute and has no chips, so for such an exorbitant price it now sits on my brooch cushion.


Of course, I couldn’t leave these there, could I?  I now have lots and lots of knitting needles that I rarely, if ever, use.  But the box and needle size gauge had to come home.


I also bought extra wine glasses and dinner plates that match the ones we already have, as extras never go astray.  A couple of cushions also came home, but they are in the wash, so I’ll show later.

I’m glad we made the detour as there are always interesting bits and bobs to be found.  I believe that my Mum also found a couple of things for me before we got there, so that will be a treat next time I visit her.

Guess what? I hope you are sitting down.  I’ve actually done some stitching……I sewed a button on Mick’s work shirt and fixed a belt loop on his work trousers!!! (We just won’t mentioned the more major mending waiting to be done.)

I also started this:

2010_0327March20100025 All I have knitted is the tension square.  Hopefully, I’ll get stuck into it during my lunch breaks.  Last year I did lots of knitting of bits and pieces, so this year I reckon I will just concentrate on the one item.  It knits up fairly quickly and is a very easy pattern. Just as well, as I haven’t knitted a garment in, oh, probably 15 years. By the way, in all my knitting needles, and I do have lots, I didn’t have a pair of 7mm, except in quite a short length, so I had to go out and buy some.

I also have a small finish for OPAM, but still have to take photos, so will show that soon.

While I’ve been typing this it has started to rain.  Hooray!  Everything was starting to get crispy underfoot again.


Renee said...

Love those egg cups and dotty glasses!

Megan said...

gorgeous spotty glasses! i was surprised as well to read narembeen, not something i ever thought i would read on a blog - you would have driven right past my little town, i'm about 45km from narembeen!

CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, that knitting needle box and gauge is just lovely. I don't really knit but I would have definitely bought those home too!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Nice lot of treats and finds in there Janice...

Nick and Lou said...

I am drooling over that needlebox (I don't knit but can appreciate it)...and those glasses! I had one, yes one of those and it lasted forever, becuase it is thicker glass than most vintage glasses. It didn't seem to get as brittle with age. Good work xxNick

Susan L (lily40au) said...

so many nice things ... i don't know where to start. all i keep thinking is that box looks amazing ... i'd love one like that too! and the needlebox. double wow!

Bec said...

Beautiful treasures! Keep us posted with how you go knitting...your project looks lovely!