Saturday, 17 October 2009

My Saturday

A couple of people have commented that they hope I’m not too lonely while Mick is away and that I’m all right out here on my own. I assure them that I’m fine while I have a secret little chuckle to myself.

Apart from the fact I’ve been at work most of the time, I’m really hoping for a nice quiet day at home tomorrow.

I was in town all day today and what a lovely day it was.

My favourite church fete was on. Mick missed out, but I still was able to enjoy it, and Mick wasn’t there to tell me that I didn’t need all the bits and bobs that came home with me. I’ll show you my purchases tomorrow. Needless to say, they did all right out of me again!! Now, once again, I will have to find homes for the new bits and pieces. You can see what I brought home last time here and here. I didn't bring home as much this time (which is probably a good thing).

Then there was time to kill in town, so I had a leisurely stroll around the shops. It was lovely not to be rushing around in my lunch hour.

Next it was my patchwork group afternoon. (I think I should really call it a “Craft Group”, as none of us ever do any patchwork on the afternoon, it is embroidery, knitting, crochet - whatever takes our fancy).

Anyway, on my way there I noticed, over where the miniature trains run occasionally, there were some old organs. It didn’t matter if I was late for sewing, so I went to have a look. It is the 16th Annual National Mechanical Organ Rally this weekend and this is the first time it has been held in Bathurst.

There were about 25 organs ranging from small “barrel grinder” organs (all with requisite monkey).........

.........To the grand fairground variety.

They have a beautiful sound. This one is German made and about 60 years old. You’d get a tired arm if you played it too much.

Some were fairly new (one even looked like a robot), but this one is about 150 years old and all the little figures move when it is being played. I think it was my favourite.

It was an unexpected treat to see all these together. I’ve only ever seen a couple of big ones at the Bathurst and Royal Easter shows before.
I had a nice chat with this lady from Victoria doing her bobbin lace work. She also had an organ there.
Her work was so beautiful and fine, and the colours we lovely and soft. I admire the patience and detail involved in bobbin lace. Aren't the bobbins a work of art in themselves.

I’d hoped to be able to show you another completed Verandah Views block, but I didn’t have one of the coloured threads with me, so I started the next block. Hopefully another block will be finished very soon.

Today is Mum’s 80th birthday but it was a very low key affair. She was busy selling raffle tickets at the fete for most of the day, so received well wishes from lots of friends there. We just had Chinese for tea and I gave her the Blue Wren wall hanging to add to her collection. The big do will be next Saturday. I’m looking forward to it.

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loulee said...

Oooh! While the cats away!
LOL Tony stands over me too saying 'you don't need that!' It's great going shopping on my own, even better with Kay.