Sunday, 9 August 2009

It's Planting Time

Yesterday was our patchwork group get-together. We only had a few of us there but it was still a lovely afternoon. I finally finished Block 3 of Verandah Views. I’m seriously behind on this project. This was one of the three blocks I took with me to the Isle of Man to do and only achieved the top of the birdhouse while there and now it has taken me all this time to finish this one block. I will get there eventually.

Through the week I also finished off the Blue Wren wall hanging. It turned out really well. The border fabric looked quite drab by itself, but once it was put with the other blues it really came to life. I think Mum will like this addition to her blue wren collection.

I had today at home for a change. Mick was working, so I just pottered around doing housework and other mundane things. No sewing, but I now have inspiration for Mum’s quilt. More tomorrow.

Yesterday I noticed that the little bulbs I planted back in April (check out the details here) were starting to flower, so it is time to dig them up and bring them inside. Burying the pots in the garden worked really well. They are all nice and healthy and the soil lovely and moist – just ignore the weeds!
They looked a bit sad when they first came out of the ground.

With a bit of a wipe down and when placed in some old china with some sugar cane mulch to hide the pots they look OK.

I think the hyacinth in the terracotta pot may go to work with me, so it can cheer up my desk when it comes out.

The daffodils have already opened up more since I dug them up this afternoon and I’m looking forward to watching the hyacinths start to open up.

I'd like to leave the daffodils here, but they would be too warm in front of the heater. Joey looks quite snug under there.


loulee said...

All those pretty flowers, for me daffs and hyacinths are a promise that spring is on the way.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Love your stitchery and your planting looks fantastic.

Sandi said...

Your stitchery looks great - love the frog in the flowerpot.
The blue wren hanging turned out beautifully, your mum will love it!
Great idea with the bulbs being left in pots in the ground. They look so cheery in their new containers. I especially love the daffodils in the painted box.