Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Mum's 80th & Open Gardens

Although Mum's birthday was on the 17th, we celebrated with a "High Tea" party on Saturday.

We had it at a really pretty coffee shop in town and used our own tiered plates and other pretty plates for serving, which gave it a nice personal feel. 

It's alway lovely to get family and friends together, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

On Sunday there was a Motorcycle Awareness Week ride to Molong.  Usually the street is packed with bikes from all over the western area of the state.  There are people we only ever seem to catch up with on this day.  This year I couldn't go, so Mick went by himself on "Olga".  This was her longest run since he has finished doing her up and she went like a charm.  He was very happy with her performance, particularly as it was wet all the way up there and back.  It was very small gathering of only the keen ones this year, due to the set in rain.  Very disappointing for the organisers.

The reason I couldn't go to Molong was that my friend Lisa and I have an annual date.

 We visit all the local open gardens together. NOTHING gets in the way of our day out.

Sometimes we are joined by her eldest daughter, but she thought better of it this year as it was so wet.

It was quite a cold day, only 11degrees at lunch time.

Lisa and I won't let a bit of rain spoil our day and the gardens looked lovely and fresh.

Some of the gardens were opened for the first time, which was lovely to see.

I even washed my car for the occasion - believe me that is worth marking down!  However, when I looked at it when I got home I wondered why - it was covered in mud from the wet gravel roads.  Oh well, it was nice and clean for half a day!


Tracy said...

The gardens look like they were spectacular again this year =D

Bec said...

A very belated Hapy Birthday to your mum! Can you show us where you are up to with her quilt or if it is finished????
Olga is very handsome, does M do up many bikes??? My bil had an old restored bike, until he crashed it.....
Always love the gardens you visit - I miss the open gardens around Bathurst......