Monday, 23 March 2009


On Saturday we went to the church fete before Mick headed off for his weekend away. We love the church fete and always come home with a few treasures. This time we came home with LOTS!!! We are always happy and the church benefits.

We came home with:

Jaunty Jumper - This lovely fine woollen jumper looked quite drab hanging up, but when teamed with a red turtle neck top and my lovely warm red coat and scarf it looks great.

Cute China Cups - who could pass up the spots and the orphan cups will make nice pincusions, especially the coffee cups. I always shudder at using good china for this - but when they are no good for anything else, why not. (I've just got to work out how, now.)

Nifty Notions - more Singer attachments - in perfect condition with instructions (I'll have to have a play on one of my old machines). More bag handles and colourful knitting needles to put in an old jar.

Magnificent Matryoshka Dolls - for a song.

Beautiful Brooch - with a history. It will join my other old brooches.

Sweet Swiss Cotton Hankies - Have you ever seen any done up like a basket before? I haven't.

Bountiful Buttons - Zoom in to see the details. We are so spoilt to have these. I learnt to sew on buttons using a red bakelite sailing button. My brother and I sewed it onto fabric and Mum would cut it off, over and over again. The worst thing is.....I can't find it in Mum's button jars. I hope it turns up, but this is a consolation anyway.

But..... there is more. I just ran out of time to photograph it. Keep posted for the second instalment.
After I left the fete I went into town and met my friend Cath and we visited "The Little Black Dress" exhibition at the local art gallery. It is part of the Darnell Collection and showcased black dresses and accessories from the mid 1800's till now. Beautiful dresses, exquisite workmanship from famous and unknown makers. I didn't know if I could take photos, so thought best not.
By then it was lunch time so we enjoyed lunch al fresco at a lovely cafe before I went to my patchwork group.
The lovely Pam is feeling well enough to invite us all back into her home. It was lovely to catch up with everyone. I think we all really missed our afternoons stitching and nattering.


Chocolate Cat said...

Wow you found some wonderful treasures!

Maree said...

What a Great Day You had...Lots of Goodies...

Sandi said...

Wow, your church fete has some great treasures! Great woollen jumper, just the thing for cooler weather. Love the red with white spots china cup. And all those fabulous buttons! (I like the running green dog). Sounds like a wonderful day out.

Kitschen Pink said...

All this from one White Elephant?! Oh my the folk in your town have no taste to throw so much goodness away! You lucky thing! When can I visit?!