Thursday, 6 August 2009


We received an invitation to attend a “Yulefest Dinner” (as it was to be held on 1 August as we couldn’t all be organised in July). The invitation said “Ladies – posh frocks, pearls and tiaras. Gentlemen – don’t let the ladies down.”

My man DOES NOT wear a suit and tie!!! Not even to weddings. He always wears a nice linen shirt with no collar, hence no tie!

It would be letting the hosts down if we didn’t make an effort and he dragged out the dinner suit he hasn’t worn for about 10 years. He doesn’t come up too bad with a scrub.

I think we all came up all right with a scrub.

It’s just a pity the photos are a bit blurred.
The night was delightful. A beautiful Christmas Dinner served at a formally set table….drinking out of Waterford….silver service… what more could we want.

I just forgot to take photos of the dining room…Doh!

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loulee said...

Oh My! Don't you two scrub up well.