Sunday, 30 August 2009

Just in the Nick of Time

I can’t believe it is two weeks since I’ve had a chance to sit and write a post. Life has just got in the way of things.

The weather has been just plain whacko in that time. We have had days up to 23 degrees, big frosts, howling gales and a bit of rain. The garden has started to wake up earlier than usual.

Our green wattle has been an absolute picture. It is so fast growing and a lovely shape. I’ll try to get a better picture of the whole tree.

The orchard is coming into bloom as well, so I hope we don’t get too many more frosts.

I haven’t done much more on Mum’s quilt, as I have been dithering about the next rounds.

Also, I have been working on this - Jenny and Cheryl’s Sewing Machine Cover Challenge. I didn't know if I'd get this done, so it is a bonus.

It is amazing how many of us sew all sorts of lovely things, but only have a white plastic cover on our machines.
I made a sewing machine cover for Mum for Mother’s Day and had planned on making one for me and one as a gift. The one I planned for me had lots of appliqué, so I knew it wouldn’t be finished for Jenny’s challenge.

I thought I’d make the gift one…….but what fabrics? What design? Jenny suggested Tozz’s “Notions on my Heart”…maybe….what about Tozz’s “Butterfly on my Heart” and these soft fabrics? Now we’re talking. I bought these a while ago – they were pretty and very cheap (always a bonus). Very much out of my usual comfort zone.
I’m really happy with how the cover turned out. I put pockets at each end to house the cord and presser foot. I took inspiration from Jenny and Bec and also did wavy line quilting. It really suits the soft fabric design. Jenny may have started something there.

Mick prefers the back to the front.
The only problem is that I really like the way the cover has turned out and I don’t think it will leave here. I think I will have to start thinking all over again about a design for the gift cover.

Go to Jenny’s blog and check out the other lovely covers that have been made. I’m amazed at the variety of designs and the creativity of the ladies out there. Thanks Jenny and Cheryl for the inspiration.


Jenny of Elefantz said...

Janice!! It's GORGEOUS!!! I am in envy, green , green. Well done!!

chook said...

oh Janice you have done an amazing job on your cover it is sooooo beautiful I dont think I would be able to part with it either
good luck in the draw
hugs Beth

Sew Useful Designs said...

Hi Janice!

Wow - your machine cover is just gorgeous! :-)

I love it! Love it! Love it!

Hugs! Vikki x

Tozz said...

Hi Janice...Jenny told me to come on over to your blog and have a look at what you have done. You have made a fabulous machine cover and I do love your Butterfly On My Heart stitchery on the front. I love the colours you have chosen for it all. And the wavy lines are great too!Thanks for using my design as it makes me proud that you like it enough to use it on something that you are going to look at alot of the time :) hugs

Christine said...

Love your sewing machine cover. It is so pretty.

loulee said...

Wow! It's beautiful Janice. I bounced a few ideas around for a machine cover, then got distracted and made something else! LOL I really should do something though.

Joy McD said...

Janice that is just lovely!!! I love the colors and the stitchery and the pattern and... and... and... :) Thanks for dropping by my blog too, and good luck on the draw!

Vickie said...

oh my goodness your cover is so adorable..well done.cheers Vickie

Marit Johanne said...

Your cover is beautiful! It is really amazing to see how many different covers that have come out of this challenge!

magy said...

I love it too and nice pockets..Soft and sweet and beautiful.. Good luck in the challenge

Cathy said...

What a beautiful cover! It inspires me to want to get one made up.

Cathy ♥

Ellice said...

Your cover is beautiful, and I agree, there are an amazing collections of creations in this challenge. Well done everyone.

BTW, thanks for dropping by my site.



creativedawn said...

this is gorgeous! I love the green/pink combo...and the side why didn't I think of that! your machine cover!

Melody said...

Your cover is lovely! The pockets are a great idea. Best of Luck to you in the draw!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I love your fabrics! You did a beautiful job :-)

liloca, liloquinha said...

Muito,muito linda!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! What a wonderful job you have done!

Perri said...

Congratulations on such a pretty machine cover - I'm sure your machine will enjoy being dressed so well :-)
Happpy stitching, P

Bec said...

I can see why you are reluctant to part with your sewing machine cover, it is just beautiful! Yup, Jenny has got something there with wavy quilting lines and pretty fabrics!
Our wattle is losing it's lustre now, but was also gorgeous when out in full bloom.
I understand totally how time can slip by with blogging.... esp when you are busy at the machine!