Sunday, 26 July 2009

Unexpected Outing

This is what I was supposed to be doing today……..

But…yesterday morning we heard about this on the local radio…….

What to do? What to do? Was there ever any doubt? We're not very good at staying home.
So… we headed off to Crookwell to visit two Edna Walling Gardens. Edna Walling is Australia’s most famous garden designer from the 40s and 50s. I have had this book of hers for many years (picked up for $2 – absolute bargain). Quite collectible now I believe.

Yesterday was a beautiful blue day, but today was grey and bleak, a big coat and scarf day.
Edna’s books have beautiful black and white photos, so I thought I would do the same as I think they suit the winter look of the garden.
We firstly visited “Kiloren” owned by Rob and Jennie Churchill. The house was built in 1951 and the garden designed at the same time. Very little has been changed.

We have wanted to visit these two gardens for ages but have never been able to get over there when they were open.

Don't you just want to explore through this gate.
Edna’s trademarks are low stone walls, silver birch and solid wisteria walks.
Lovely, natural looking country gardens.
Winter is a lovely time to see the bare bones and structure of the gardens.

After “Kiloren” we went into Crookwell to have lunch and found this homely café. It is run by a couple in their 70s who give just wonderful service and old fashioned homestyle cooking. The building is full of collectibles on display.

Crookwell has a lovely main street. Unlike many country towns it does not appear to be in decline at all and for a Sunday was really busy. There were a couple of lovely gift shops and I found my little extra to go with the wash cloth swap. Very happy.
While we were having lunch it started to rain – steady, set in rain – so we abandoned the idea of visiting the second garden until another time.

So, we had a lovely drive home on quiet country roads in the bleak weather. It was lovely. We really enjoy being out and about in bleak weather. We had quite a bit of dirt to go on and some of it was quite slippery. I’m just glad we were snug in the car and not on the bike.
And yes…. I still have to do the BAS ***by Tuesday*** Aaaah!! (It might just be a day or so late.) Shhhhh! Don’t tell.


loulee said...

Much better than staying home doing paperwork, even if the weather was cold and yeucky.

CurlyPops said...

What lovely photos.... and so much more fun than the dreaded BAS statement!

Sandi said...

A perfect way to spend a sunday! Lovely old gardens. Love those stone walls! The cafe looks interesting too.

Mis_Tree said...

Beautiful Photos, they really capture the moment. =D

sue said...

Hi Jannimary, thank you so much for the delightful washcloth, one of my very favourite colors. I adore the soap but I dont know what the scent is. You didnt mention it in your card but even my partner likes it, reminds us of our grandmothers which is very nice. I already devoured the yummy cherry ripe too so thank you for a wonderful gift. I have liked looking through your blog, those open gardens my sister would love as she is a qualified gardener and visits one in Trentham. We have a few cats too and our Jack Russell is Tess but I love the name of your little one.

Bec said...

You took the road through Trunkey Creek??? We have travelled that road many many times, more so when we lived in Bathurst. Jamie's mother is at Crookwell (well his dad is too, up at the cemetary) and is well known for her cake cooking and special occasion decorating (mostly wedding cakes). It is a lovely spot, but very very cold. In March earlier this year we had been swimming in Sydney then went to Crookwell - had to find our coats! There is a long arm quilter at Crookwell too, Anni Downs has used her a bit. gosh what a rambling comment!
The gardens you visited were beautiful, imagine spring in them...... how lovely! Sorry to ramble on... Bec xxx