Monday, 31 August 2009

Beautiful Gifts

Firstly, as promised, here is a better photo of our beautiful Green Wattle. It is really putting on a show this year. I keep hacking away lower branches and it now has a lovely shape…..and we can actually get out of the gate, which is a bonus!

We called in at Mick’s Mum’s on Saturday. She has been having a clean out and found a box of lovely green glass under a bed. She will have bought it at op shops and put it away for my birthday or Christmas or something and had promptly forgotten all about it. They were all rather cruddy looking, but after a quick cycle in the dishwasher they shone beautifully in the afternoon sun. She was sure that I would have all the pieces…but I didn’t. The castellated bowl is new to me (I do have a castellated sweet set, but definitely different), the leaf plate over the back is new, and my favourite is the elegant jug with little feet. There is also a pair of vases, which I haven’t washed up yet. I do have another pair the same, but the more the merrier.

We were also sent home with these gorgeous camellias. Mick’s Mum has a lovely garden at her unit. She has the luxury of water and everything thrives. I couldn’t grow a camellia to save myself. The green bowl was also part of my new gift. I did have one like this and use it all the time, however mine had some big chips and this one is perfect.

Aren’t we spoilt.


loulee said...

A lovely collection. My mother still has and still uses a fruit squeeze just like the one you show here.

Shiree said...

hi there,
what georgeous camellias, mine are just starting to come thru too, and I just love the green glassware, so lovely!!!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.....lucky you with the green glass...some of those pieces would go very well with my collection...LOL..

Bec said...

Beautiful beautiful green glass...... so so lucky!