Sunday, 16 August 2009

One Week On

I promise this will be the last of the daffodil pictures. I just can’t get over the amount of growth in just one week. There are even more buds coming on, but I think they will be past their best. I’ve had great fun with them.

The hyacinths are now starting to make a move. The white one has come out. Unfortunately isn’t a nice dense flower, but it is still pretty.

Poor photos again, as they were taken at night.

I have actually made a start on Mum’s quilt. A little bit of remodeling had to take place at the start as the panel had been cut a bit lopsided and one of the vine strips was too narrow for the pattern. I had to make them all a bit narrower, but I won’t tell if you don’t. It was fun looking through my stash to find 56 different fabrics that tone in with the panel for the flying geese.

Now I just have to work out what to put in the corners – I think square in a square always works well – and then have a think as to what the next rounds will be. Half the fun is not knowing how it will end up.