Thursday, 1 January 2009

A New Year and a Finish

Happy New Year. Let's hope 2009 is good for everyone.

We had our 70's party last night and it was great fun. Everyone got into the spirit of the era. I think full marks have to go to one couple who came wearing their own original 70's gear. John had a body shirt, maroon velvet bow tie and pale blue jacket (he just couldn't do up the jacket). Shelley wore her going away outfit and she is still as slim as she was then.
Another friend came in a caftan she bought in Fiji in 1975 while on a cruise. It is a lovely fabric, printed on the islands and it still looked really stylish.

We had bikies, hippies and Hawaiin shirts. Mick was in his Goodies t-shirt and wore an afro wig all night. I was in my bright yellow dress. Sorry, no photos of us were taken. Unfortunately our record turntable wouldn't play, so we had to resort to CDs, but we still had plenty of 70's stuff.

Today, after the last visitors left we did the big cleanup and then I made another skirt. I used the same pattern, this time in black and white. I'm once again happy with the way it turned out. I made this one a bit longer and took the waist in a bit. It fits nicely. I'll definitely wear this one to Dad's party.

On Tuesday afternoon I went into town to meet up with the lady organising the catering for the party. My car sounded a bit rattly when I pulled away from the traffic lights and then the "Check Engine" light came on and the temperature guage showed "HOT". I pulled over straight away and called the NRMA Roadside Assistance. When he got there he informed me that there was no fluid in the radiator, but he didn't think the engine was ruined. A tow truck had to be arranged. Of course, my mechanic is on his annual holiday until the end of January, so another mechanic was arranged and my car delivered. Apparently the radiator is ruined and another is on order. With a bit of luck it will be there tomorrow, otherwise early next week. There couldn't have been a worse time for me to be without a car, so Mum to the rescue. I have borrowed her little Corolla. Hopefully I can return it to her tomorrow.

While spending time browsing blogs yesterday I came across Happy In Quilting. I enjoyed this blog and was delighted to see she collects green depression glass. The number of comments from other ladies who like green glass was great. Here is a sample of mine. There is much more. I don't really go looking for it now as I have no more room to display it. Mind you...... if I come across something special.......

My grandmother had a cake plate and vase that I always liked as a kid. I received my first pieces as Kitchen Tea gifts back in 1986, when it cost about $2.00 a piece, after I had shown a friend a photo of a collection and commented how much I liked it.

People keep asking how many pieces I have and who manufactured it etc. I can never answer either question. There would be over a hundred pieces and I am not a technical collector. I just like it and put it on a shelf.

The sun was shining nicely on this dresser yesterday. This was my grandmother's dresser and she embroidered the runner in the 1930's. It was passed on to us as a wedding present.

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Maria, Patchwork Mill said...

These green glasses are beautiful! Especially in this sunshine! I like the dresser too.