Friday, 9 January 2009

Happy Dance!

I have my car back!! Yay!! Finally, after delays and the wrong radiator being sent, my car is fixed. What apparently caused it was me crossing the river through water a bit deep. The last couple of times I crossed the river to get home it was up a bit. Apparently, if you go through deepish water and the car's fan is going, the pressure of the water will cause the fan to be sucked up against the radiator. Well, that's a trick for young players. I will now watch the water level a bit more closely, and only cross if it is very low, otherwise I will go the long way round, or make sure the air conditioner is off, so the fan is not going.
My second reason for a happy dance is that last night I booked accommodation at Kiama on the south coast for three nights on the Australia Day long weekend. We haven't had a few days at the beach since 2002!! We've been on a beach, but not to actually have a swim. We have been "going to" go to Kiama "one day" for a few years now. Some friends recommended a motel, but it was booked out. We found another one in a good spot. When I phoned the lady (another Janice) she said they only had one room left. It is upstairs with a balcony with ocean views, only it is a bit dearer - would that be OK? Well, what do expect on that weekend?? Of course we are happy with that. Anyway, her "a bit dearer" was actually less than I expected to have to pay. We will decide closer to the time whether to take the car or the bike. I can't wait.

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