Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A January Finish and a Sad Machine

I finally have something finished! This was May Britt's Christmas pattern.
I did the stitching on a white background, but in the end thought it was too stark, so tea dyed it. I just made a little hanging, now I have to find a nice hanger for it. As I really wanted to finish the project last night I cheated and didn't bind it but just turned it through and then top stitched around the edge. Naughty me, but I felt I could get away with it on this one. The fabrics are scraps from a table runner I made a couple of years ago and were also used in a Christmas cushion.
My machine started getting rattly in the bobbin housing last night (it had done it a little while I was doing the Red Delicious Blocks as well). I gave it good clean and checked what I could, but it is not better. It got very rattly just over a year ago and I had to have it repaired. There is a great repair man in Orange, so it looks like I might have to make the time to go up there and have it looked at again. Unfortunately, that won't be possible for a about a month.
I got the Verandah View block traced last night, so I should be able to start that in my lunch break today.


Maree said...

Love your little wallhanging...looks Great tea that effect..

Sandi said...

Your heart wallhanging is lovely. Tea dyeing the stitchery was a good idea - it looks just right. I have seen some nice hangers around; maybe you could find one that has hearts in it's design.