Thursday, 22 January 2009

I Have a Dream

Despite there just being the two of us rattling around in our house, I don't have a designated sewing area. The "Orifice" is set up as the office & has a big bank of cupboards full of my stuff. The spare bedroom is set up to be just that. I have always just sewn in the lounge room or dining room and tend to have power cords all over the place and a general mess.
In the back yard we have a series of sheds Mick built about 10 years ago.
From the left there is the blacksmith's shop, the wood yard, the garden shed and behind the tank at the end is the chook shed opening into the orchard.
Mick had good intentions of doing some blacksmithing after attending a course some years ago. The blacksmith's shop has the forge and anvil, charcoal and tools (and other stuff), but no blacksmithing has taken place.

The sheds are built out of recycled materials, have sloping dirt floors and are very rustic. The blacksmith's shop is intentionally dark so that you can see the glow of the hot iron. (The flash makes it look much lighter than it is.)

My Dream?
Mick is going to turn the blacksmith's shop into a SEWING SHED!!!

It will be left just the same out the front, except the verandah will be paved and there will be a paved path from the house.
Inside will be fully timber lined. We have enough floorboards left over from building the house to do a lovely timber floor. There will be a skylight and all will be painted nice and light. It will be fully insulated.
The best bit is that it is the next project after the old BMW outfit is finished. Hopefully that will be done in a bit over a month.
I'm excited!


loulee1 said...

Oooh! That all sounds very exciting. I just have my stitchy corners in the dining room and the study. A designated room would be wonderful.

Sandi said...

Oh, wow, won't it be lovely to have your very own space to sew. Your shed is so cute!!! Isn't it great that Mick can build it for you.

Maree said...

What a great Idea...looking forward to seeing YOUR Shed come to Life.!!!