Sunday, 18 January 2009

Fun Weekend - But no Stitching

Another busy but lovely weekend. Yesterday after doing the domestics I headed to town to collect my niece who starts school in two weeks and we went shopping for her first school shoes. She was all dressed up and carrying the cute little handbag I made her for her 3rd birthday (a great way to make aunty feel good). After we bought her shoes we went to Annie's Ice Cream Parlour and had icecream (bright blue bubblegum flavour for niece....uggg... and boring vanilla for aunty) followed by time at the great playground in the riverside park. I don't normally have an excuse to play in a playground and climb on things. We had a ball.
Last night some friends from Sydney came for dinner and to stay over. It was great to catch up as we didn't see them over Christmas and New Year. Some friends from in town came out as well. So, it was a late night, followed by a very leisurely breakfast this morning.
Then, this afternoon we attended our first run of the year with the Historic Car Club. We took the sidecar. We just went for a 100km drive, stopping half way at a country pub for a cool drink, and then back to town for a picnic tea in the park by the river. This run is always really popular - there were fifty seven people there for the picnic. Everyone was just happy to sit in the cool of the evening and chat.
I had plans of doing a bit of stitching after our guests left and before the afternoon's run, but by the time everyone left there was no time. Oh, well, through the week I'll do some.


loulee1 said...

Never mind the shoes Aunty, look at that dress, I love that fabric.
Sounds like you had a good day.

Sandi said...

What a fun aunty you are. The shoes look great.
We often see vintage cars and motorbike rallies up our way, touring the 'Range'. Always interesting to watch them all go by (hubby can identify lots of old makes of vehicles, I'm hopeless).