Sunday, 4 January 2009

Dad's 90th Party

Dad's party is over and was a great success. We had over 70 people attend. Dad is one of nine, and eight are still going strong. There were four of them at the party. Two travelled from Towoomba and one from Lake Cargelligo. Not a bad effort for their ages. The other four all live in northern New South Wales or Queensland, so it was just too difficult for them to travel.
My generation consists of fourteen cousins. One passed away a few years ago, but ten of us were there. Once again, not bad considering the distances involved. One cousin did not reply to the invitation and has never attended a family event before. Just as we were starting to eat lunch he walked in. We were gob smacked and so pleased to see him. I had only met some of my cousins once or twice. Some cousins were there that had never met each other!! My brother and I are the babies of the generation, so it is amazing that first cousins in their mid 50s are meeting for the first time. It was great getting to know them a bit more.
I did a bit of a talk at the party on Dad's life and lots of people want a transcript. Unfortunately I don't have one. It was just stuff that I knew. I think I might have to write it down, and hopefully get Dad to flesh it out a bit. I still don't know whether to raise the subject of his time as a POW or not. We'll just see how it goes. Getting his life down on paper might just have to be a project for the coming year.
I wore my new black and white skirt and was happy with it. It was nice and comfy.
Mum and Dad are involved in their local church, so we held the party at the church hall and the church ladies catered. They did an absolutely marvellous job. The hall was decorated beautifully and the food and service were great. One of the ladies did the most amazing floral arrangements. It was also good to be able to involve their friends this way.

Dad has been having bad back pain for the last few months and yesterday had a further injection in his back. This provided great relief, so he was really able to enjoy his day. He is really fit and well for his age and was in his element among all his family and friends.

A lot of the family are having dinner together tonight, but Mick and I have just came home after it all. I don't have much in the way of photos as yet, as I didn't really have the chance to take any. A family friend took a lot and is giving me a disc tomorrow. Once I get some I'll post a few here.

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