Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Catching Up - April - Out and About

I haven't done many blog posts since we moved house back in March - yes, we have been here for just over three months.  I really don't know where that time went.  We still have loads to do, but we have been doing other stuff as well.  It is about time I recorded it all, for my own memory as much as anything else, before I forget what we got up to.

I'll start with April, as the end of March was just flat out getting settled into our new home.

Firstly, at the beginning of April the National Ariel Motorcycle Rally was held in Bathurst.  A few of the Historic Car Club members volunteered to act as corner marshalls.  There were some lovely bikes entered.

Our corner was in Blayney.   Here they come.

Don't you love this original old bike.

After we had done our duty we had the rare opportunity to go for a walk up the street of Blayney, check out the shops and have a nice morning tea.  Normally we just drive through on our way somewhere else.  Years ago I used to do quite a bit of relief work in Blayney, so it was nice to revisit.  

The local churches looked lovely in the sunshine.

We had a big day out in Sydney, attending the Caravan and Camping Show at Rosehill Racecourse.  The plan was to do a bit of homework towards a future plan.  

Mick and I have a habit of making rash spontaneous decisions..........

We pick it up at the end of September.

Another highlight of the month was the Bathurst Show, which we always like to attend.  Unfortunately, the craft exhibits continue to shrink each year.

Outside there was lots to see.  There was a really good display of blade and machine shearing.  The blade shearer was still at school.  They had lots of little kids come up and help shear a sheep.

The wood chop is always a good spectator sport.

Of course side show ally is full of sound and colour.

We have discovered that the front verandah of our new home is the perfect viewing position for watching the fireworks.

We had a lovely day out attending the Springwood Quilt Show, but I've already shared that here.

On our way home we saw the new memorial at the Oberon RSL.  It commemorates the horses that went to war.  Notice the back to front boots in the stirrups.  I remember seeing that representation of World War One battalions with no one left when we attended the ANZAC marches in Sydney when I was little.

Of course we attended the Dawn Service in town on ANZAC Day.  There was once again a very large crowd.  How it has changed over the years.

Dad always attended every service held on the day.  The only service Mum attended was the one in the afternoon held at the memorials at the gate of what was the old Army Camp (where Dad did some of his training and later became the migrant camp).  I have never been to that service before.  So, this year Mick and I took Mum out.  It was a lovely sunny afternoon and the service low key.  It was really touching.  Here are Mum and I next to the plaque commemorating Dad's battalion.  I was surprised to see that the plaque on the left of the photo was for the 54th battalion for the First and Second World Wars.  Mum's uncle was a member of 1/54 AIF.  What a coincidence.

Finally, the Motorhome Club of Australia held its National Rally in Bathurst for a week.  They were based at Mount Panorama and had an open day for the public to visit.  Obviously, we went along.  What a great turn out and what a good thing for Bathurst to host.

Phew!  No wonder there didn't seem to be any time for blogging.

Hopefully, I'll get to do some more catching up soon.


Rachaeldaisy said...

Woohoo!! Congratulations on your new purchase!!! How exciting! There'll be no stopping you and Mick now!! I love seeing the vintage bikes. The Bathurst Show always looks fun, a proper show. You have had a busy month!

Jenny said...

A new caravan - had you mentioned that before or just letting the cat out of the bag now? Congratulations, you will be busy planning future trips away, I'm sure. And perhaps your new van needs a new quilt for the bed?

Susan said...

You really do make the most of your local area. So funny about the caravan, but wonderful news.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice wow you have done so much i love the van you and Mick bought,lots of happy memories to be made in your travels there,thankyou so much for sharing,cant wait to show my hubby the bus at the motor home show .....