Thursday, 7 July 2016

Catching Up - April - Other Bits and Bobs

April is about the best month in our area weather wise.  It has been nice getting to know our new home in the different seasons.

We are lucky to be on the edge of town.  Across the road from us is a paddock where horses are trained.  We even see a few kangaroos at times.  Fortunately, the current owners have no plans to sell to developers at this stage.  On the other side of the paddock, houses are being built at a rate of knots.  We will make the most of our rural outlook while we can.

There was lovely sunrise, with the benefit of looking over paddocks, not houses.

If I turn the other way we look across to the centre of town and Mount Panorama.  You can even see the sign at the left of the photo if you look closely.

We have a native garden with no trees in the yard, but have a lovely street tree.  Notice how the town has disappeared in the mist.  Bathurst is renowned for its fogs, and our new area gets plenty.

Doesn't that look better now the sun is out.

There are quite a few bottle brush in our garden.  This one looked particularly  lovely in the sunshine.

I love little spiders webs in the dew.  This web in our sculpture in our fire pit looked rather attractive.

I thought I'd just share this photo of our hall.  There are big cupboards with sliding doors on each side of the hall and bedroom doors right against the back wall.  How to decorate it? We didn't know what to put there, a quilt maybe?  No hall table or anything would fit. No pictures can be hung on the side walls.

We also had our three art deco mirrors we have collected along the way, which we didn't know where to put.  

Ta da! Something a bit different. Probably not everyone's cup of tea, but we like it. Joey didn't know what to make of it all. 


Louise Lougher said...

Our daughter is moving to Bathurst next year from the northern rivers to go to CSU. We've been to Bathurst several times over the years (we used to live on the central coast) and I'm really looking forward to spending time out there with her occasionally and getting to know the area more. I really want to visit in autumn because it is so beautiful.

Jenny said...

Love the Art Deco mirrors there. I love that sculpture in the garden.

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice I too love the mirrors I think it's a great idea ,lovely views where you live,thankyou for sharing xx

Rachaeldaisy said...

The mirrors look wonderful!! Lovely garden photos.

loulee said...

The mirrors look good there and will help to throw the light around too. We get some good fogs here too, it's always nice when the sun burns them off.