Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Snubby by the Sea

After Phillip Island we followed the coast north.  We’ve never spent much time down that way, usually just travelling through on our way to Phillip Island, and we haven’t even done that for many years.

Our first port of call was at Eden. We found a nice caravan park and went for a short stroll on the beach.  It was quite blustery.

January 2014 Phillip Island Mick plus misc 138

We had a better look around the following morning, but first things first, breakfast.  I don’t think I mentioned that I refused to cook while we were away.  It was one big moveable feast.

Breakfast parfait.  It was so good, and found at a little organic cafe called “Sprout” in Eden.

January 2014 Phillip Island 104

Now to see what is around. “Snubby” by the sea.

January 2014 Phillip Island 102

Continuing on with my theme from our trip to the Isle of Man, another lighthouse.

January 2014 Phillip Island 105

January 2014 Phillip Island 113

January 2014 Phillip Island 116

January 2014 Phillip Island 107

Next town was Merimbula.  I just loved these pelican sculptures.

January 2014 Phillip Island 120

Tathra was the next port of call… at the old wharf.  There were so many people fishing in one corner.

January 2014 Phillip Island 125

And they were all catching fish.  I can’t remember the name, but it is the smallest of the tunas.  They were just a nice sized fish.

January 2014 Phillip Island 128

Looking at the bird book, I think this is a “little tern”.  It was trying very hard not to get blown off it’s perch.

January 2014 Phillip Island 132

Bermagui was our next stop, with another shot of “Snubby” by the sea.  It was fun calling in at all the towns along the way.

January 2014 Phillip Island 141

Watch out for the goanna crossing the road.  I don’t want him in the sidecar with me.

January 2014 Phillip Island 145

Yes, another light house.

January 2014 Phillip Island 163

And a nice spot for fish and chips for lunch.

January 2014 Phillip Island 158

We had planned to stop over at Batemans Bay, but it was so windy that we thought our little camper would blow over, so we kept going up to Braidwood, which is a lovely town.

We got an early start the following morning and arrived home before lunch, which gave us lots of time to get unpacked, collect the cat and restock the fridge.  It was startling how dry it was as soon as you left the coast……..and hot, so hot.

It was a lovely few days away.  We felt that our batteries had been recharged.  Sometimes a little break is just as good as a longer one.


Jewells said...

What was the Breakfast Parfait made up with? Looks yummy!

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Awesome photos

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Awesome photos

Susan said...

A lovely part of the world to explore.

loulee said...

Looks like another great trip.
You'll be pleased to know there is a lighthouse here in Timaru. LOL

Ali Honey said...

I love all your lighthouse photos. I also love those fishing boats - it's a colour thing; without the red one it wouldn't have had the appeal for me.( sets the blue ones off nicely )
I too would be interested in what was in a breakfast parfait?

Susan said...

a beautiful part of the country.

Haha - I see you have a cat named Joey - us too!

See you in Nundle.