Sunday, 2 March 2014

Remember When…….

Remember when we headed off for a little holiday to Phillip Island back in January?  It is well and truly about time that I shared the rest our our journey with you. 

The reason we travelled to Phillip Island was to watch some classic motorcycle racing.  The schedule was practice on Friday and racing on Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday morning we woke to rain.  Not the best for racing, but who cares.  IT..WAS.. RAINING!!!!! AND COOL!!!!  We wandered down the street, found a nice cafe for breakfast and had a lovely leisurely  explore of Cowes, the main town on the island.  We found a friendly little quilt shop, a great antique shop and a couple of op shops, always an important venue to purchase some mystery holiday reading matter.  By then it was time for morning tea and it was still raining.  Remember, we were on the bike, so would have to put wet weather gear on to go anywhere….. much better to find a nice coffee shop.

We had noticed one place with a vintage vibe that looked interesting.

January 2014 Phillip Island 006

Inside was full, so we sat outside and had coffee and played board games.  Yes, they had lots of board games for their visitors to play.  Never in a million years would I have expected to be playing snakes and ladders while at a coffee shop.

January 2014 Phillip Island 003

It was still raining, so we then played scrabble.

January 2014 Phillip Island 004

Mick reckoned he should get bonus points for creating the word “blog”.

January 2014 Phillip Island 007

Now, here is another photo of the shop.  See a certain rack of dresses at the extreme right.  Well, one of those may just have come home with me.  It has been the most comfortable and cool dress to wear in the extreme heat and has received lots of compliments.  A lucky find.

January 2014 Phillip Island 005

Finally, the rain eased up and we rode out to the race track in the afternoon. 


Ali Honey said...

I love the idea of being able to play board games while having coffee. I imagine it's a great attraction.

Cheryll said...

What a great use of poor sightseeing weather. Looked like you had some fun & found some interesting nooks! :)