Sunday, 30 March 2014

On the Weekend

I had a quick catch up with Chooky yesterday.  I met her down at Anni’s and there was a surprise get together.  Deb just happened to pop in and Roz was taking a class.  Anni was even in residence.  Bonus. I’ve borrowed this photo from Chooky.

Chooky and Co


Mum asked me if we had found any more mushrooms  since the extra rain.  The answer was “No”.

Then, I found quite a variety in the garden, while weeding.  These are definitely not edible, then again, maybe they are – I’m certainly not risking it.

This first little one was only about the size of a 5c piece.

March 2014 007

The next one was about the same size, but with a couple even smaller.  They were tucked down the side of a sleeper in a raised bed.

March 2014 005

These were the biggest, being about the size of a 20c piece.

March 2014 012

Autumn is the perfect season for mushrooms.  The pine forests around Oberon (about half an hour from us) are famous for their mushrooms.  Many people come up from Sydney to go foraging.  There is a wide variety, but you need to know what you are doing.  Some are rather weird looking.  There is even a website to assist here.

The only ones I’ve ever seen are big red toadstools with white spots.  Yes, just like all the cute pictures we see.  Definitely not for eating.


Back at our place, we had a magpie pretending to be a finial on our garden shed.  He sat there for ages.

March 2014 002


And, Mother Nature put on another wonderful show on Saturday night.  Quite stunning.  Yes, it was a case of “Red at night shepherd’s delight”.  The weather was glorious today, quite hot and rather steamy.  We are really enjoying this Indian summer.

March 2014 014


creations.1 said...

I love mushroom season - it is usually in May here (Griffith) - unfortunately they are very few and far between. Seem to get plenty of the inedible ones around the garden though. As a child we would pick buckets of mushrooms - we were allowed to cook them on top of the old wood stove, sprinkled with salt - shop bought ones just don't make the grade for flavour! hope you find some this season!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely pics of the mushrooms Janice and how nice that you got to catch up with the girls.xx

Fiona@Dragonfly-Sewing said...

What a big coincidence and beautiful photos you've taken Janice xxx

Chookyblue...... said...

was so nice to catch up with you and what a surprise to see the others as well..............
love all the different mushrooms......

Susan said...

What a happy coincidence....I missed you all by 3 days. I wouldn't be too sure about those mushrooms either, but great photos.

Fiona said...

great meeting up with everyone... I always love seeing the different fungi's ... and they have enjoyed the bit of rain...

DAWNIE said...

How good for u all t o know one another. The same thing happened to me in lynette andersons shop when i ran i to kayly, very funny