Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Fairies in the Garden

Since the rain started a couple of weeks ago the occasional mushroom has poked its head up in our back garden, which is quite unusual for us.

Yesterday I noticed a definite fairy ring under the clothes line.

March 2014 Mushrooms 001

This afternoon we had quite a heavy shower go over.  Mick took this great photo of the cloud on his way home.

March 2014 Storm Cloud 015

As he got home at a reasonable hour this afternoon, Mick went for a walk down the paddock.  He returned with a nice bag of fresh mushrooms.  The warm, damp weather is perfect for them.

March 2014 Mushrooms 004

I can’t remember the last time we picked mushrooms here, if ever.  Remember when mushrooms were something you only ate as a treat when you were able to pick them in the paddocks, not something that was on the weekly shopping list. When we were first married, we were lucky enough to have access to a nice wooded area which grew lots of mushrooms in the right conditions.  It was great fun to go foraging and have mushrooms on toast.  I can even remember collecting them on the school oval in primary school and taking a lunch box full home – I think I was a bit of an odd child.

Joey decided to have a little peak at what was hiding in the bag, but I don’t think he would be too impressed with them in his bowl.

March 2014 Mushrooms 006

I’m looking forward to fresh mushrooms for dinner.


Susan said...

I'm afraid I've lost my confidence with eating natural mushrooms. The ones that pop up here look a bit suspect.

Ali Honey said...

Those look beauties! I must keep an eye out as I have spread the peelings and hopefully some spores down near our old lemon tree in the hope of some free mushrooms. We haven't seen any here since 2 years ago.