Thursday, 20 March 2014

Girls Day in the Country – Heading Home

After a hearty breakfast, it was time to track everyone down to say goodbye till next time that we meet somewhere.

My trip home took me via Scone, Muswellbrook and then across the Bylong Valley to Rylstone and then on to Bathurst and home.

I stopped for a quick cuppa at Scone and didn’t like the look of the weather in the direction I was heading.  I think this group of motorcyclists were also a bit wary.  I checked the radar and it was quite an intense storm.  Fortunately, it was also rather fast moving and had passed before I reached that area.  Phew!

Nundle March 2014 Phone 012

More storms building up ahead in the Bylong Valley.

Nundle March 2014 Phone 013

There was quite a bit of rain around as I drove along. Up until this stage I had missed it all.  The dull light gave the grass an unreal appearance, it was just sooo green.

Nundle March 2014 082

I love the eroded sandstone cliffs.  They seem so very old.  This is especially so, as there are aboriginal paintings in some caves in the valley.  The area reminds me of the book I read as a child called “The Nargun and the Stars” by Patricia Wrightson

Nundle March 2014 083

In the short time I was looking at this area the rain came across.  I didn’t miss this lot, but fortunately, it wasn’t torrential, just good soaking rain.  Bring it on.

Nundle March 2014 084

No wonder this is my favourite road.  The scenery is absolutely stunning.

Nundle March 2014 088

See the little poster on the tree.  Yes, this gorgeous valley is coveted by coal miners and coal seam gas explorers.  There is a big fight going on to try and save the valley as a prime agricultural area.

Nundle March 2014 089

We have travelled through here all my life, and it is always lush compared to surrounding areas and has always been famous for its black angus cattle, long before they became the breed of choice.  At the Hunter end of the valley there used to be wonderful horse studs, but they seem to be mostly gone, as have the vineyards at Sandy Hollow.  It is quite sad.

This is why they are fighting to save the valley.

Nundle March 2014 093

Aren’t they magnificent.

Nundle March 2014 091

OK, I’ll get off my hobby horse now.

Further along, I decided to call into the rest area at Sofala to have a drink and was rather surprised to see the red coats about to fire a cannon! 

Nundle March 2014 097

Then I remembered there was an event “The Siege of the Turon” taking place.  So, of course I had to stay and watch for a little while.   It was a nice interlude before my final leg to get home.

The weekend was terrific.  It was so nice to see all the other blogging girls again and to meet a few new ones to me.  Kerry did a fantastic job organising everything and Lynette was a delightful tutor. 

Once again, I slept well on Sunday night.


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good a Morning
Janice, what a picturesque way hone you have! Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend especially our table....great pics here!

loulee said...

What a lovely drive. You are right to protect the land from miners, we need farm land and all the scenic beauty it brings.

Cheryll said...

From those pic's you had a great trip home. Such a buzz to see the cannon fire I bet! Nice catching up with you in Nundle too! :)

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Your photos are awesome...

Chookyblue...... said...

I travel on country backroads's nice to see different areas.......I must drive on that road one time........