Thursday, 4 July 2013

When They’re Good, They’re Very Very Good, When They’re Bad They’re Horrid

Internet connections that is.



One of the reasons I have been absent is poor internet reception.

We can only get satellite or wifi out here.  Satellite got a bit dear at $120 per month for 2GB of data so we swapped over to wifi about eighteen months ago.

For quite a while it has been giving us grief – dropping out all the time.

Well, on Sunday night I replied to some comments and the emails wouldn’t go through, so I just left them for the morning.  In the morning the little modem kept saying it was “Searching for Network”.  We reset everything there was to reset with no luck. 

We kept trying and in the end the modem wouldn’t even turn on.

After  a visit to the retailer, only to be sent home to call the support team, well over an hour on the phone being passed from pillar to post and then being told to go back to the shop, we now, after a few days have a new wifi modem.

Here’s hoping we have no further troubles and they’re very very good.

I’ll even try to reply to some comments.  Keep them coming.

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