Thursday, 4 July 2013


I do love living out here in our little bit of countryside.

Recently, we have been visited by lots of cockies.  There is a huge flock that roost in the trees down in our creek.  They make an incredible racket when they get up and about in the morning.  Oh, the peace and quiet of living out of town………..not!!!

May to June 2013 069

They can be a little cheek too.  This one decided that the chooks didn’t need the cob of corn I had given them.

April 2013 014

Our other frequent visitors are the roos.  There is one main little family that we see most days.  In particular, there is one mum and joey that I often encounter in our drive way on the way home.  “Joey” is growing, but not quite big enough to jump over the fences, so, when I come along, Mum jumps the fence and Joey then bounces down the drive way.  He is funny to see, it’s just like a little kid running around, he really bounces around, not the usual bound of the more mature roo.  He hasn’t jumped into the garage as yet, but gets quite flustered when he ends up in the yard in front of the shed.  He’s gradually learning to sit still and I’ll just drive past him.  It won’t be long before he can jump the fences, just like Mum.

The other afternoon, this group was in our front yard.  Mum and Joey are at the rear.  He’s not that much smaller than Mum.

Now, look at the one at the front.

May to June 2013 012

Look closely…..

May to June 2013 011

May to June 2013 016

May to June 2013 017 May to June 2013 019

May to June 2013 021

May to June 2013 025

Isn’t that magic. I’ve never seen that in the wild before.

All these were taken from our verandah, which is quite a distance away, so they weren’t bothered by us at all. I love 20x zoom cameras.


Susan said...

We love our wildlife too, there's lots of joeys around at the moment.

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loulee said...

Love those cockies. They are great wee characters.