Tuesday, 2 July 2013

More March Memories – Nundle - Saturday

Saturday was the big day of stitching. The hall looked fantastic all set out for us.  Of course, while we were waiting to go in I met the local moggy.

GDITC 1 Collage

The projects this year were half inch hexies.  The main project was a butterfly.  I had fun fussy cutting the fabrics, but got very little stitching done.

GDITC Projects Collage

The day started out fun, but unfortunately, went rather pear shaped for me.  I’d been feeling off colour all day, but I think it was from worrying about my uncle who had major surgery on Friday.  I’d call the hospital and get rather vague answers about his condition.

Finally, just after lunch they told me that he wasn’t responding.  That was when the wonderful friendship and support of my blogging friends came into its own.  I was a mess; worrying about my uncle and my mum (his only sister), feeling guilty for having gone to Nundle at all, needing to get to Sydney, worrying about how Kate would get home, knowing that I may have some major decisions to make.  I couldn’t have coped without the girls taking over and calming me down, packing my things and once I was on the road, checking up on me. They were the best and I can never thank them enough.

As it was nearly three o’clock before I left I drove as far as Mudgee before calling it quits.  Despite the circumstances, I couldn’t resist taking a couple of photos along the way.

March 13 261

March 13 264

As things transpired, my uncle didn’t respond and those difficult decisions had to be made.  He was a good man who had a full life.  He is missed by many.


Susan said...

It was a sad end to your GDITC, and we missed you, but it was the right decision for your family. There's always next year!

Deb R said...

It was a sad end, but family always comes first and we are always stitching somewhere x

loulee said...

What a sad end to your trip. But it also shows what a great bunch of people you were with. So glad that you didn't have to face and make decisions alone.

Chookyblue...... said...

It was great to see you even though you had to leave early.....and yes we are there when you need us to pack you up and get you calm and on the road........so sad he died but you were not to know what was going to happen when you headed off for a weekend with friends............