Saturday, 6 July 2013

Ash’s Speedway Museum

You know how it is……… we visit attractions when we are on holidays but don’t visit the attractions in our local area.

There is a handmade sign on the highway on the western side of Bathurst pointing to Ash’s Speedway Museum.  You’d think we’d have been to have a look, Mick liking his motorcycles and all, but no, never been there.  It turns out it is the biggest Speedway Museum in the southern hemisphere and really well set out.

On the June long weekend they held a Show and Shine, so we thought it would be a great opportunity to have a bit of a squizz. It was a great day for it, as they had an ex racer giving a guided tour.

Bathurst has a fine history when it comes to Speedway.  Back in the late  20s to 40s, there were regular speedway meets at the old sportsground  and a fellow by the name of Bluey Wilkinson, who was a Bathurst local, became world champion.  In the late 80s and early 90s they also held a few race meets at the showground and we went along to those.

Speedway is quite a spectacle with lots of glitz and colour.

Ash, who owns this private collection, is a serious fan, although he has never been a racer.  His collection outgrew his own sheds, so he has opened this museum.

May to June 2013 039

Each rider wears a bib with his club and name on it.  Ash has just one or two………..hundred………

May to June 2013 040

In modern times the most world famous racer was a Kiwi named Ivan Mauger.  He officially opened the museum last year and had allowed nearly all of his race bikes to be displayed here.

May to June 2013 041

Speedway is a dying sport, but there were quite a few die hard old racers present on the day, some showing off their prized bikes.  There are only a few speedway tracks still running in Australia.  Britain and Poland seem to be the main players these days.

May to June 2013 045

Yes, they even race sidecars in speedway.  No, you won’t be getting me on one.  They seem to have the most spectacular crashes.

May to June 2013 046

We’re really pleased we went along for a look.  Now we have to get up there again, when we have more time and have a proper look.

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loulee said...

It's surprising sometimes, to find what is right on your doorstep!