Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wattle Day

Today heralds the official start of spring here and is also “Wattle Day”.  Many wattles have been in bloom for some time, but ours are just coming out.

The Green Wattle is just starting to show a slight tinge of colour.

September 2010 009

The little Snowy River Wattle is gorgeous this morning, but will be at its best in the next week or so.

September 2010 007

The blossom is just golden in the sunlight.

September 2010 004

I think I’ll pick a bunch for my desk at work today.

September 2010 006

Last Wednesday there was snow all around our district.  Today it is predicted to reach 19 degrees C.  What a contrast.


nicole said...

ahhhh they have been out for a while hey?
so pretty!

Maria said...

The wattle is so pretty but it is same the shrub does not have a long live spun. We have a lot of "Black Wattle" on our block but it dies after 5 to 7 yrs.
Yes we have also had weird weather.Usually warm days but freezing at night.

Allie said...

How beautiful is that!

Linda said...

Those are beautiful!