Sunday, 26 September 2010

Sydney Sidecar Rally 2010

We had a another weekend of motorcycling this week.  Now that the weather is warming up there are lots of events around the traps.

This time we went to the Sidecar Rally held beside the Macquarie River on the Bridle Track.  The track was one of the routes from Bathurst to Hill End during the gold rush era and is still quite a narrow, winding, dirt road.  It is actually closed further on due to a rockfall from all the recent rain.

We took “Olga” the old girl this time and she performed well.  The rough roads don’t bother her at all.  Our camping site had water views and everything was lovely and green.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 003

It was a really friendly, family oriented rally and wasn’t too big, which was nice.  The fellows love checking out all the different set ups.  Everyone has a different idea on what will work best.

While Mick checked them all out I stitched.  You can always fit a little bit of stitching in when you pack.


The fellow who owns this one was having a bit of fun.  He comes from Melbourne and puts sidecars on a lot of bikes for people. He won “Best Engineered Sidecar”.


To Mick’s delight, he won “Best Sidecar” at the rally.  He was chuffed.  He won “Best Engineered” with the other sidecar a couple of years ago.

This morning there was a slight mist, so it was nice around the fire.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 007

Unlike yesterday, the sun came through fairly quickly.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 008

It ended up a beautiful sunny morning.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 009

So, once again, I sat and stitched.  I got quite a bit done yesterday afternoon and this morning.  A very pleasant way to pass the time.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 013

The Bridle Track is a rather minor road, but on our way home we decided to detour via an even more minor road,”Box Ridge Road”.   We had to open gates, wait for chooks to get out of the way, go through water, dodge the rough bits of the road and hope the rather meagre brakes held up down the really steep bits.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 018

We ended up on top of the world.  This country is normally  quite desolate, but at the moment looks a picture.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 021

Now that the weather is finally warming up at home the local canola is coming into flower and looking spectacular.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 027

And when we arrived home we were greeted by this sweet little heartsease which has self sown in the pavers.

Sidecar Rally September 2010 029

So, all in all, it was a really enjoyable weekend.


Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Looks like another GREAT weekend Janice. Congrats to Mick on his prize.... I think you'd look good in that shopping trolley too. LOL!
Glad you managed to get some stitching done too.

Cardygirl said...

Great pics! Looks like lots of fun...and you still managed to stitch! Looks like a really pretty trip home.

Robyn said...

Good morning Janice!!
What a wonderful weekend you've had and such fantastic weather and pics.
Thankyou so much for lunch the other day... it was really lovely to meet up :-)
Have a great week.
By the way, I adore Jump up Jonnys (Heartsease).

teresa said...

Wow what great photos and what an awesome weekend. Loved the misty photos... it looked gorgeous, like the views on your trip home. Glad you got some stitching in haha..I can always manage a bit where ever I am too!