Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tottenham and Flea Market Finds

We went to Tottenham this weekend. 


Well, the BMW Touring Club were having a rally out there, and we’d never been to Tottenham.  It’s as good an excuse as any.

So, we set off bright and early on Saturday with our friends Andrew and Lyn.  First stop was a loo break at Manildra.  When we pulled up I noticed this over the road from the park.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 001

It was a Trash and Treasure Market run by the pre-school.  Lyn and I made a bee line for the hall.  It doesn’t matter that we were on motorcycles, you can always fit something little in.  Anyway, we had packed light, but still had all the panniers on the bike, just in case.

Initially we didn’t see much, then eagle eyed Mick spotted some boxes all made up.  In the $2 box and $3 box he spied some green depression glass.  Well done.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 094

Then, in the $5 box I spied this.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 090

Nah! It couldn’t be. So I turned it over.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 091

I told Mick I was buying this box.  He told me not to be stupid until I showed him what was in my hand.  I was not leaving that box there, even if I had to carry it on my lap all weekend.

It was then that I asked the lady on the desk if it was $5 for the box or $5 for each item in the box.

She assured us that it was definitely $5 for the entire box. I took the 70s Japanese tea set out of the box and said I’d just take the rest.

This is what was left in the box.  I was a little excited to say the least. It wasn’t until I was wrapping it all that I truly started to grasp what was underneath the other tea set.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 092

There is a hairline crack on the base of the milk jug and some slight crazing on the cake plate.  Other than that, apart from being dusty, there was not a mark on it, not one chip.  I think I got the bargain of the century.  I never thought I’d ever own a Royal Doulton Tea Set.  I’m still dumbfounded. 

By the way I also bought two cute saucers for $1 each.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 093

And how did we fit it all in?  No worries, Mick did a bit of a repack and the box fitted just nicely in the top box.  Excuse the dusty bike, but you get that out that way.

Tottenham Weekend September 2010 089 

Now I just have to reshuffle the big display cabinet to fit it in, but I think I’ll manage.

As for the rest of the weekend.  I’ll have to save that for another day.

It has been ages since I’ve had anything to report for Flea Market Finds, so it has been nice to play again.  You’ll find other great finds over here.


Natallie KING said...

What a sore with the Royal Doulton. I recently went to an antique shop with this set and other pieces displayed. It looked fab with the green depression glass!!

Fiona @ Dragonfly-Crafts said...

Now why is it Miss Janice that we don't see any car/bike photos.... Oh I see, this is SO much more interesting/fantastic/exciting news. What a GREAT find for you. So glad Mick felt the same about making room for your treasures. Don't have to ask then if you had a great weekend?

Chocolate Cat said...

What a fantastic find! I am so excited for you, there is no way I would of left it behind!!

loulee said...

What a find!

Mogs Designs said...

what a beautiful tea set, well done

rozhearts said...

That is such a great find. I hope everythihg gets safely home you as well.
(((HUGS))) Roz.