Monday, 13 September 2010


The rain stopped on Friday and the weather was lovely on the weekend, not very warm, but nice spring weather.

Our garden is starting to wake up with our first iris out.

September 2010 002

The quince is starting to unfurl its leaves in readiness for the beautiful soft pink flowers. I love how the leaves and stems are slightly furry.

September 2010 004

The bees were busy in the apricot tree, providing a constant gentle hum.

September 2010 013

The nectarine is just starting to come into blossom.

September 2010 011

The bees were also busy in the bulbs.

September 2010 017

And our big wattle in the back yard is lovely and golden. The blossoms are so soft and fuzzy and full of bees too.

September 2010 018

Now we are back to the working week and it is starting to rain again.


Maria said...

Love your picsJan.It's just a gorgeous time of year with all flowers coming into bloom. Lots of birds and sunshine. Still cold though.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pics Janice, the only thing that has woken in my garden is the bl**dy clover. Makes our lawn look very green :(