Saturday, 20 June 2009

Playing the Tourist

There is much to see and do on the Isle of Man. If you have time, have a look a the links.

Here is me and our little hire car at the Fairy Bridge. You must wave and say "Hello" to the fairies whenever you drive past to prevent them from causing you harm. We did just on 1000 miles in the hire car in the 3 weeks. This on an island 30 miles long by 13 miles wide! Nothing went wrong on our trip, so we must have kept the fairies happy.

We visited the stunning Peel Castle.

It was a blue day and once again the place was covered in pretty pink thrift.

The Laxey Wheel is the largest surviving working water wheel in the world and the Laxey Mine used to be the largest lead producing mine in the UK. Yes, we climbed to the top.

We walked up Glen Mooar Valley to see more relics of the mining days. It is incredible how the greenery has nearly reclaimed it all.

On another day we walked up the Laxey Glen – another beautiful green valley.

More of the Laxey Glen.

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Sandi said...

What a magical place. I think I saw the Fairy Bridge featured on one of Billy Connelly's travel shows.