Saturday, 20 June 2009

Final Instalment. Thanks For Putting Up With Me.

This is the last of my holiday notes and photos.

The Isle of Man has some wonderful means of transport.

Firstly, there is the steam train which runs from Port Erin to Douglas. We didn’t go on it this time, but did two years ago. Very civilized.

Then there is the Horse Tram which runs the length of Douglas Promenade. The horses are well cared for and only work for 2 hours a day. There is a retirement home for the horses after they have worked for about 15 years.

This connects to the Electric Tram which runs from Douglas to Ramsey.

We went on the open car as is was such a nice day.

Then there is the Tram which goes to the summit of Snaefell.

We still haven’t managed to go on the Horse Tram but took the Electric Tram to Laxey and then the Snaefell Tram to the summit. It was a lovely day out. The day was clear and we could see the 7 kingdoms - Mann, Scotland, Ireland, England, Wales, Heaven and the Sea.

As well as these, there are lots of double decker buses going around the island. I wouldn't want to be a driver with the little narrow roads.

Now I did buy souvenirs, but I didn’t buy any clothing for me at all. I did buy several badges.

I bought 2 balls of Loaghtan wool. I don’t know what I’ll do with it. The Loughtan sheep has four horns. The lambs are nearly black, but as the sheep matures, their fleece lightens to this rich caramel colour. Apparently the fleece cannot be dyed.

These vintage iron on transfers from the op shop cost 40p. Big spender. There is even a three legs of man pattern. I know. Not your normal souvenir, but that's OK.

When we were on the Isle of Man 2 years ago, I was delighted to see they had Eccles Cakes at the Marks and Spencer Café.

I hadn’t had these since I made them in my very early teens from a book I got from the church white elephant stall. (I have a long history with that stall.) We had them again this time and also some pre-packaged ones (not nearly as nice). So, today, I pulled out that old book and made some more. I got sick of making little ones, so also made a giant Eccles Cake. I think we will have this for pudding with custard.

They are a light pastry parcel filled with currants. Loulee says they call them “Fly Graves”. I don’t care. I like them and home made ones are the best. (Yes, I’m biased.)

There you go. All done.

As you can see. The Isle of Man has us fascinated and has such a diverse variety of things to interest us. We still have lots of things to see and do and Mick still has to see a basking shark.

Now I will be able to get on with blogging my usual life at home.


loulee said...

You're going to hate me, but when I flew home from my trip away on Wednesday I looked down into the bay on the final approach and guess what I could see, even with all the activity of the runway extension? One big ole basking shark.

Jenny of Elefantz said...

Mmmm, those Eccles Cakes are very tempting!!! YUMMY!!
Lovely shots you've taken. What a wonderful holiday!

Sandi said...

I love their transport system! It would give you lots of time to look at thier beautiful scenery. Love the wool - such a nice colour! Great find with the vintage iron-on patterns, I sure you will use them.
Those eccles cakes do look very yummy....