Saturday, 20 June 2009

Are You Bored Yet? - Nearly Done

Al took us out on another day to the Calf of Man. This is a tiny island off the south of the island. He picked the perfect day as the sea was like glass. No, we still didn’t see any basking sharks. Mick reckons they are just a figment of Al’s imagination!

There are 3 lighthouses on the Calf, built over time.

The boat scraped on some rocks on our way back in. A bit of a heart stopping moment, but all was OK.

The view back to The Sound on the main island is stunning. There are seals on the rocks.

The light house on Chicken Rocks is another vital part of keeping shipping safe.

We saw the Red Arrows at the Ramsey Sprints. They put on a great show.

This display in Laxey caught my eye as it was so cheerful.

On Mad Sunday there was a Vintage Machinery Display with some terrific gear. Much of it not found out here. I liked this small scale steam engine. Just the right size for a girl enthusiast.

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loulee said...

They use an even smaller steam loco than that in the Wild Life Park. (Where the wallaby's escaped from) You can sit on a carriage and go for a ride through the park on the Orchid Line.We should put that on your list of things to do next time! LOL