Saturday, 20 June 2009


A highlight of our trip was meeting fellow blogger Loulee AKA Manxgirl. This was the first time I was to meet another blogger in person.

Firstly we arranged to have lunch in the middle of our second week on the island. We were both too busy the first week.

This is us outside Lou's work.

Lou took me to her local craft shop where I bought some fabric and a bookmark kit, this was then followed by a HUGE pub lunch.

I gave Lou a little gift from Oz.

We arranged to meet the following Tuesday at the Ramsey Sprints, but in the meantime we received an invitation to Sunday Roast Dinner. Yummo! Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with all the trimmings. It was lovely to meet her family. Lou’s “Hunney” is a Kiwi and we all got on famously.

Lou gave me a little gift. Isn’t it lovely. The idea was that we would both do the mini butterfly quilt simultaneously. The only problem was that Lou got carried away and has already finished hers.

She also gave Mick some lovely coasters for his birthday.

We met Lou and her son Joe again at the Ramsey Sprints.

On the Thursday we collected Lou and her son Joe and had a day at the Manx Museum followed by more great food at a pub and yummy ice cream on the promenade.

There were some lovely quilts and dresses in the museum. I bought a little book on Manx Quilts and Patchwork that was printed when there was an exhibition in the museum last year. There are some lovely quilts depicted.

Joe was very taken with the prehistoric giant deer.

This necklace was found in the grave of a high class Viking lady in Peel Castle.

Next Lou took us to see the Manx Crosses at Maughold. These were created from the 6th Century AD and are housed in a shelter in the church yard.

Then it was a final goodbye ;(

It was just so nice spending time with them. I was quite nervous meeting Lou, you never know how you will get on, but it was a delight and really made the trip.

We look forward to seeing each other again in 2 years when we go back – yes, we already have the accommodation booked. We just have to decide which bike we will take over.

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loulee said...

Joe and I loved our time with Janice and Mick. I was a little nervous too at our first meeting, but so glad we did it. See you soon Janice ((Hugs))