Saturday, 20 June 2009

It's About the Bikes!

This will probably really bore you, but it is the original reason we went to the Isle of Man.

There were motorcycle events all over the island for the 3 weeks we were there. It started off with classic racing just up the road from where we were staying.

The memorial to Joey Dunlop who won more TT races than anyone by far (26). He died in a race a few years ago. His nephew Michael Dunlop (whose father Robert also won five TTs) won the 600cc race this year at the age of 21.

There were 2 Aussie teams this year. We met Cameron Donald who won the TT last year and was a red hot favourite for this year, setting a new lap record in practice. Unfortunately he came off in practice and dislocated his shoulder so didn’t compete this year. He was very friendly and suggested I sit on his bike for the photo. I was very nervous sitting on such a valuable machine.

There was also an Aussie sidecar team. They came about last, but I reckon that anyone who finishes a race there is a huge winner. They must be very brave and a little crazy to compete.

There were classic rallies.

Mick likes his side cars and there were many variations. This BMW was my favourite.

There were even sidecar trials events. We haven’t seen that here .

But the main attraction was the TT Racing itself.

The sidecar races are everyone’s favourites.

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