Friday, 27 March 2009

Wooly Ripples

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Lucy at Attic 24, with her colourful crochet and cheerful personality.

So, inspired by her beautiful work, last Saturday I bought a range of colourful wool to try to emulate her "Ripple Cushion". I had a look on the net for a pattern, but they weren't quite the same and a bit difficult to follow.

To my delight, hopefully in the next week Lucy will be sharing a tutorial on her technique. I can't wait to start. In the meantime, I might look for another pink and a yellow to add to my colours.


Attic24 said...

oooo scrummy colours!! They;ll look great in a ripple, and yes I think adding in a yellow and perhaps a mid-pink will work a treat...hoping to have the pattern up by Tuesday....hope it goes well!

Sandi said...

Oooh I think that will look wonderful. Lucy does have a lovely blog, so cheery and colourful.