Sunday, 15 March 2009

Iron Drama... and other more mundane stuff.

We have had a rather relaxing weekend. I just pottered around yesterday while Mick was at work. I worked out how to make my own last...using It was really quite easy to follow. I've wanted to do this for a while for when I create a journal of the quilts etc I've made. (We'll believe when we see it.... it is pie in the sky wishing at this stage). Anyway, the font isn't too bad. It spaces the letters more than I would when writing but is quite acceptable.

We went to a friend's 60th birthday last night which was great fun. There were a lot a car club members there and we always enjoy ourselves.

Today Mick rode the old BMW for the first time - just up and down the drive - but it went well. Of course there is still plenty more to do on it but it is getting closer. It should be a great bike to take on Club runs, just poking along and taking the picnic basket etc.

My plan was to sew today. Well, I finally got to it this afternoon and worked on something that has been hanging around for a while. It was to be Mum's birthday present in October, then her Christmas present. Well now I hope it will be her Mother's Day present in May. It is a sewing machine cover and is coming together OK.
All was going well ......until Mick noticed we had blown a power fuse. This was finally traced to the iron. Blast!! Can't sew without an iron. Need to iron clothes for work tomorrow. I WAS NOT GOING TO TOWN THIS WEEKEND!!! Oh well, the best laid plans of mice and men....... off I went and bought a new iron. It is very similar to my old one, except this one has a cordless feature. We'll see how it goes.

After a 2 hour delay, I was back into the sewing. Here is a sneak peak. Hopefully it will be finished in the next couple of days, unless life gets in the way:>)

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