Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Random Thoughts

This is what we woke up to this morning. Isn't it beautiful. They say every cloud has a silver lining. It was certainly silver today.

The lovely Peg from Happy In Quilting made scrummy looking slice to take to her quilt group on Saturday and kindly shared the recipe, so, as I had all the ingredients in the cupboard, I thought I'd better give it a try. We have had a success and they have passed the Mick Test. As Peg also collects green depression glass, I thought I'd better show off one of my plates. My photo is nowhere as apertising looking as Peg's though :^)

We are off to the Isle of Man in May and our good friends Norm and Cath are off to tour the British Isles and France including joining us for 10 days on the Isle of Man. I will be needing a Journal to take with me and want to give Cath one as well. I really like the style of the ones Bloom has in her tutorial so have bought the fabric and journals and just have to get started.....soon!

Which made me think of covered books and all the lovely versions out there at the moment, and that made me think of the precious version in my bookcase. This was my Granny Johnson's Recipe Book. After she passed away it was passed on to my Aunty Rose, (who happens to live just near Cheryl from Willowberry Designs -it's a small world). Whenever I used to visit in my teens and early 20's I would ask to look at Granny's Recipe Book. One time Aunty Rose told me I was the only person to show any interest in the old book and that I may have it as a gift. It is very precious to me.

Granny Johnson married in 1914 on the Solomon Islands, as my Grandfather worked there for a few years as a plantation manager, before they returned to Australia. I am also the lucky owner of her Trousseau Box, which has a lovely worn patina from their many moves over the years. It is camphor and has a musical lock. I'll post a photo another day.

Anyway, I guess the Recipe Book would date from when she married and has lovely simple embroidery on it. The fabric is a natural linen with a thick execise book to write up her recipes. As you can see, it is quite fragile now, but in surprisingly good condition for its age and the amount of use it must have had as she raised her 9 children.

Which made me think of my Mum's recipe book which is also an exercise book, but as she married in the early 60's it is covered in a grey plastic with a wave like pattern embossed in it. Hers is falling apart from constant use over 40-odd years.

Which made me think of my recipe folder, as I was making my slice. Mine is a mid-80's version, and I was determined that it would not fall apart, or more importantly, get all food stained, so I have always used a red 4-ring binder and put my recipes in plastic sleeves. It has worked really well. It has stayed clean, having the 4 rings stops things from sliding around, and it is easy to add another recipe in the correct section - like Peg's slice recipe.
But, it is just red plastic on the outside.......Wouldn't it look nicer with a fabric cover as well!!! Now there's a thought. Add that to the to do list.

The To Do List seems to be growing.

The On the Go List seems to be remaining the same.
I seem to be starting more things. Something is wrong here, I'm supposed to be reducing the lists. There are just too many things in blogland that I want to do.
But, I have been doing some sewing. I started something new....I know!!!
But, the lovely Pam who hosts our fortnightly patchwork afternoons has been in hospital for a couple of weeks and I want to make her a little something to make her feel better.
I sewed all Sunday afternoon. I did all the machine work, and now I have to do all the hand stitching, and there is quite a bit, so I'd better get cracking.
Here is a peek. It will be finished soon, so won't be lanquishing on a list.

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Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

I am green with envy over that green glass, what a lovely dish.....your slice looks yummy so glad it was a hit...nice and simple that all your journal have been busy...