Saturday, 14 February 2009

A Saturday Together

What crazy weather!! Today was 30 degrees C cooler than last Saturday. We went to Orange today and the temperature only reached 12 degrees C and there has been gentle soaking rain all day - bliss.
We delivered my sewing machines to the sewing machine magician and they should be all serviced by mid week, when I'll have to make another quick trip up to collect them.
While we were in Orange, we decided to do a bit of tyre kicking. We have been talking about upgrading our car, as it has done just over 200,000 kms. We were offered double what we expected on the trade-in on our old car, so we think we will be making the change over sooner rather than later. They say it is the buyer's market. It will be exciting getting a new car. I've only ever had 3 cars.
We enjoyed a nice lunch on the way home and then went to the movies to see Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood. Well worth seeing.
When we finally got home, we had 22mm of rain in the guage. Perfect.
We are supposed to be going to Molong to the new Gelato factory with the Historic Car Club tomorrow as it is HOT in the middle of February. So much for that. We'll see who turns up to the start in the morning. It may be called off.

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Sandi said...

How exciting, getting a new car.
Weird weather here too. Cooler today 26 oC and raining. Hope the weather warms up a bit for you to enjoy your gelatos.