Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Red In the Morning Shepherds Warning

This is the lovely sunrise we woke to this morning. Some storms were predicted and we hoped we might get some rain to cool things down and give everything a much needed drink. In the late afternoon we received just on an inch of rain in a storm. We were lucky, as the storms are very isolated. The rain was beautiful. It is much cooler tonight. We have to make the most of it however, as it is forecast to be very hot again for the rest of the week.
Also, I have finally finished the first block of Verandah Views. I just varied mine a little, in that I used stem stitch for the main part of the tree. I'm happy with how it has turned out, as I don't generally do much hand embroidery. The silly thing is that once I start I really enjoy it. I'm very bad at finishing things and embroidery takes too long. This year is going to be different!

Now I have to get the second block ready to start. I also have to get going on the third block of Red Delicious. I'm already starting to run behind. Hopefully we'll actually have a day at home in the near future so I can just sit and sew.

1 comment:

Sandi said...

Great sunrise photo, so pretty, I love all the pinks. Good that you got some of that rain.
Your 'verandah views' block is lovely. Very neatly stitched too.