Saturday, 7 February 2009

All The King's Horses and All the King's Men....

Our little flowerpot and straw lady met with an accident. Her beautiful face is unmarked, but she has broken feet and body. She has sat in the laundry for about the last 15 years and was made by a girl I used to work with. I will try to find replacement pots, and mend her as it would be a pity to not try and save her. She just wouln't have a painted body.
We are in for another scorcher this weekend with the temperature expected to be about 40 degrees C.
We are going to a 50th birthday at Nowra tonight. Nowra is about 4 hours away and is expected to be even hotter than here. The original plan was to take the bike, but Mick has decided it is just too hot. I must say I'm very pleased with that decision. It will be much more pleasant in the air conditioned car.
We are camping overnight and coming home tomorrow. Tomorrow is expected to be really hot again, but windy before a cool change on Monday. Let's hope there are no major bushfires with the wind.
I'm currently roasting pumpkin pieces (before it gets too hot in the kitchen) for the yummy pumpkin and chickpea salad for tonight.

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Sandi said...

Oh dear, I do hope you can find replacement pots to fix Mrs Flowerpot.
Have a lovely time at the party. Keep cool