Monday, 9 February 2009


So much for my comment on Saturday morning hoping for no bushfires. Victoria has experienced Australia's worst loss of life from bushfires. So far 108 have been confirmed dead and it sounds like that number will increase quite a bit yet as they check burnt out homes. It sounds like nearly 1,000 homes have been lost as well.
Our thoughts and prayers go to all affected.
We have been lucky with no fires in our area. A "cool" change came through last night. It is only expected to get to about 32 degrees C today. It was over 40 degrees C here for the last two days. There is a pleasant cool breeze here at present.
On a personal and lighter note, it was a great party on Saturday night. Where the birthday girl lives they get a sea breeze in the evening, so it was a very pleasant temperature. The party was a very casual affair in their yard on a rural property. There was a band who were family friends playing, so that set a great backdrop.
We got home just after lunch yesterday to enjoy the heat (not!). We stopped at the little antique shot at Taralga again. This time I bought a child's ironing board. It is covered with what appears to be 70's floral sheeting. It is really cute.
Despite the heat, I was determined to actually do some sewing. Firstly, I traced the second block of Verandah Views ready to start stitching. Then I made another bib.

Next I thought, as the Complete a Project a Month is all about WISPs, I'd better do one rather than start something new. I started the project last night, did some more this morning in the cool, and after a visit to Spotlight to buy some elastic, it will be finished tonight. I'll tell all about it then.

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Sandi said...

The bushfires are terrible. So heartbreaking for those affected.
Sounds like you had a great night at the party.
The little bib looks great!